Slipstream staff presented papers on climate solutions at ACEEE Summer Study

August 15, 2022 by Zack Mast

In August, ACEEE held the Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Energy professionals came together from around the world to share ideas on this year's theme, "Climate Solutions: Efficiency, Equity, and Decarbonization."

Slipstream staff was there to present papers on topics such as advancing electrification, boosting community resilience, and making decarbonization work for all.

Our Presenters at ACEE Summer Study


Kevin Gries
Kevin Gries, Research Analyst


Read the Paper: Residential Heat Pump Water Heater Performance in the Upper Midwest

Learn more Read about the heat pump water heaters field study.

Scott Hackel
Scott Hackel, VP of Research + Innovation
Presenter & Panel Co-Chair


Read the Paper: The Present and Future of Decarbonizing through Electrification in Commercial Buildings in the Midwest

Maddie Koolbeck
Maddie Koolbeck, Research Analyst


Read the Paper: Weathering the Storm: Microgrid Feasibility Studies for Municipal Applications

Learn more Read about the microgrids study.

Dan Streit
Dan Streit, Senior Researcher


Read the Paper: Energy Efficiency is Part of the Solution

Poster Presentations

Bridging the Knowledge Gap on Advanced Building Controls

Dave Vigliotta
Dave Vigliotta, Director of Partnership Development


Learn more: See the Advanced Building Controls resource for ESTCP.

Implementing an Eclipse VOLTTRON-based Software Platform to Make a Building "Grid-Interactive"

Dave Vigliotta
Joe Zhou, Director of Research + Innovation
Presented by Scott Hackel


Learn more: Read about our work in grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs).

One size fits none: An analysis of regional differences in building and equipment stock for utility program planning.

Maddie KoolbeckKevin Gries
Maddie Koolbeck + Kevin Gries


Other Slipstreamers at Summer Study

Jeannette LeZaks
Jeannette LeZaks, Director of Research + Innovation


Rachel Dortin
Rachel Dortin, Digital Content Strategist


Zack Mast
Zack Mast, Digital Content Strategist


Host of Informal Session: "Modern Communication Strategies for a Modern Climate Movement"