Slipstream discovers, tests, and scales climate solutions in buildings and communities. Join us to create a healthier, more equitable future.

illustration of a coffee house with rooftop solar panels

A cleaner future: Building decarbonization

Buildings account for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. We uncover how new technologies drive deep energy savings and reap the benefits of low carbon buildings: health, affordability, and livable communities.
Clean Energy Finance

Improved access to clean energy benefits through financing

Utilities and governments can knock down barriers to clean energy approaches. Financing enables more projects with deeper energy savings and supports people with low to moderate incomes to reduce their energy burden.
people talking near a water cooler with energy-efficient buildings in the background

Smarter buildings on a cleaner power grid

The buildings where we live, work, and learn can be assets on a cleaner power grid. Our leadership in grid-interactive efficient buildings (GEBs) paves the way for buildings to become good grid citizens.
people in a community garden

Utility program success — fueled by community engagement

We help utilities collaborate with communities and drive more program participation with people-centered approaches. Emerging technologies drive deeper energy savings in buildings, save customers money, and create healthier indoor environments.
building professionals working on a single-family home

Clean energy careers powered by education

Building operators. Architects. Engineers. Contractors. Weatherization professionals. Homebuilders and remodelers. All people at the vanguard of the clean energy economy. Our award-winning technical education supports professionals as they lead climate solutions in their work.
illustration of people walking near a restaurant with buildings in the background connected to the grid

Energy policy and planning

Policymakers need objective information they can trust. We provide technical support, unbiased analysis, and insight for policymakers leading the charge on energy and climate.