News | March 14, 2019
We are excited to share that Karen Weigert, Vice President of Business Strategy and Regional Operations, will present at BloombergNEF's annual summit in New York City!  More
News | September 11, 2018
Wisconsin Manufacturer, Inpro, First to Onboard Following its mission, to champion and deliver innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits for all, WECC developed a tool to support the tracking of sustainability efforts for businesses and their supply chain. WECC’s Sustainability Tracking System (STS) provides a customizable solution to assist businesses with sustainability planning and reporting. More
Publication | December 8, 2017
We studied the viability of performance-based procurement (PBP) to achieve higher energy savings, without increasing capital cost to owners, through early owner involvement, goal setting and energy modeling. The study also examined the role that conservation improvement programs (CIPs) could play in supporting this approach. We tested the PBP method in six pilot projects and observed the outcomes. We supplemented our study with assessment of existing programs, interviews and analysis through the Sustainable Buildings 2030 program, and outreach to energy modeling professionals. More
Sustainable Purchasing
Solution | January 1, 2019
The sustainability practices of your suppliers, whether good or bad, now reflect on you and your business. More
Sustainable Tracking System
Solution | January 1, 2019
The STS is a configurable SaaS strategy that enables companies to integrate their internal sustainability goals into their dynamic and far-reaching networks of diverse suppliers. More
Sustainability Solutions
Solution | January 1, 2019
Companies that incorporate sustainability into their operations gain a competitive advantage by reducing operational waste and its resulting costs. More