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2020 Innovations: Expanded the market for all-electric homes in cold climates

The Year 2020 was a difficult time for all of us, but climate change hasn’t taken a back seat to the world’s challenges. At Slipstream, we forged ahead with our mission to accelerate climate solutions for everyone. In the weeks ahead, we will be unveiling our 2020 Innovations that helped our industry move forward. Continue reading

Extra credit: A video interview with Slipstream Board Member Charles Hua, Harvard '22

Watch our short interview with Charles Hua, an undergraduate at Harvard who brings his unique perspective of climate solutions to Slipstream's Board of Directors. Continue reading
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Don’t wait—harvest that corn now

On January 20, 2021, the U.S. recommitted to the Paris Climate Agreement. Doug Ahl clicks on his stopwatch, looks at progress on the Paris goals, and reminds us of the urgency of our work. Continue reading

Deep transformation together: inspiration from the Paris Climate Conference

On January 20, 2021, the United States recommitted to the Paris Climate Agreement. Marge Anderson shares her takeaways from the 2015 climate conference—and how Slipstream's work carries forward its ideals. Continue reading
Select Committee

Climate Crisis Roundtable

Earlier this year I joined Slipstream to help reduce carbon emissions and strengthen communities. Or, as I put it when I updated my LinkedIn profile, “More community. Less carbon. Great careers.”  A couple of weeks ago, as I was digging in from my base in Chicago, I was asked to speak at a roundtable held by the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Communities everywhere will be part of creating solutions to climate change. I served as Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Chicago for about five years, and they wanted me to address Chicago’s experience.  Continue reading

Privilege creates blind spots: the diversity and inclusion imperative in energy efficiency

“To hear is to let the sound wander all the way through the labyrinth of your ear; to listen is to travel the other way to meet it.” – Rebecca Solnit Continue reading
Four energy engineers walked into a bar...

Four energy engineers walked into a bar...

Actually, it wasn’t a bar. It was a dinner party. After the second local, sustainable micro-brew the truth came out. Shanti Pless from the National Renewable Energy Lab said he enjoyed Slipstream's case study of our "Living Lab" headquarters. But he had only one question—are we sure about those Lighting Power Density numbers? Continue reading
servant leadership

There is work to be done, so we do it: the power of love and servant leadership

As 25,000+ leaders in sustainable building gather in Washington, D.C. this week, I've been reflecting on my role as Chair of the USGBC Board of Directors and also Slipstream's role in the green building movement. Continue reading