Who We Were

In 2019, Seventhwave and Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corp. (WECC) merged to form Slipstream.

A Brief Timeline of Slipstream

1980: WECC forms to bring the benefits of energy efficiency to Wisconsin residents with low incomes.

1989: Wisconsin utilities, regulators, educators, and community-based leaders created the Wisconsin Center for Demand-Side Research (WCDSR) to expand energy efficiency knowledge in Wisconsin through research.

1995: WCDSR merges with sister-organization Wisconsin Demand-Side Demonstrations to become the Energy Center of Wisconsin (ECW). ECW offers a broader range of energy efficiency services and increased interaction between the private and public sectors.

1996: WECC creates Energy Finance Solutions--the original financing arm through which Slipstream catalyzes more energy efficiency projects through financing.

1997: ECW founds the first Better Buildings: Better Business Conference, North America's largest educational event for cold-climate residential building professionals.

2007: WECC moves into a new headquarters in Madison, WI. Powered by a 19 kW PV system, the building earns LEED Gold certification.

2015: ECW changes its name to Seventhwave to better illustrate its national impact on energy and climate.

2017: WECC launches statewide administration of the PACE Wisconsin program.

2019: WECC and Seventhwave merge.

With a track record of innovation and high-impact, energy-saving programs, the two organizations came together to solve some of the toughest problems around saving energy and to drive equity in the clean energy transition.