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Registration-related questions

How early do I need to register?

To ensure a seat at the training, please register as early as possible. Registration will remain open until the day of the training unless space is limited, and we reach capacity prior to the event date. (For webinars, you can register before, during, or after the broadcast.)

Can I register online and pay by check?

Only credit card payments are accepted online. If you need to pay by check, please use our printable registration form. Complete the form, print and mail (along with check) to the address below.

Attn: Education and Training team registration
431 Charmany Drive
Madison, WI 53719

I paid with a credit card. How will the charge show up on my statement?

When you purchase a ticket online on, the charge on your bank/credit card statement typically appears as: EB * [first 15 characters of event title] SAN FRANCISCO CA. When you purchase a ticket on-site, the charge typically appears as: EVENTBRITE SAN FRANCISCO CA.

I emailed (or mailed) my credit card number on the registration form. How do I know my information is safe?

Registration forms with sensitive information are shredded as soon as they are entered into our registration system. If the form is emailed, the attachment is removed.

Can I register multiple people at one time?

Yes, but each person’s individual information must be entered. Do not use the same name, email, etc. for multiple registrants.

Do you share or sell my contact information?

We may share your contact information with event sponsors, but all special dietary and accessibility requests are kept confidential. We may contact you about future events, but there is a way to opt out of receiving notifications from us. We do not sell your information. Read our privacy policy.

I’m having trouble registering; what should I do?

Take a look at Eventbrite’s webpage on troubleshooting registration problems or contact the Education and Training team at 608.210.7114 or

How can I get on the wait list when an event is full?

When an event is full, information on how to sign up for the wait list will be posted on that event's webpage. You can also contact the Education and Training team at 608.210.7114 or

Course information / policies

What continuing education credits are offered for each training?

Each training webpage will include information on credits. Credit information pertaining to the Better Buildings: Better Business Conference is located on the conference website.

To receive credit, you must be present for the entire training; partial credit cannot be given.

If IACET credits are being offered, you will need to participate in the assessment that takes place at the training. You must receive a 70 percent or higher to receive a course completion certificate with IACET listed.

In order to receive credit for viewing a webinar, you'll need to pass a short quiz. A link to the quiz will be provided in your registration confirmation email. Separate registration is required for each individual requiring continuing education credit. All credits have different expiration dates, so it is to your advantage to take the quiz as soon as possible.

You list a course level with the AIA credit information. What do those levels mean?

  • Basic: No prerequisite required.
  • Intermediate: Knowledge level that builds on an introductory program, most appropriate for learners with general knowledge about the topic. It is assumed that learners have at least a cursory understanding of the topic and may possess some direct experience.
  • Advanced: Knowledge level most useful for individuals with significant knowledge of the topic. This level focuses on the development of in-depth knowledge, a variety of skills, or a broader range of applications. At the advanced level, it is assumed that learners have extensive prior knowledge of the topic and have direct experience (where applicable).

What is the event cancellation/refund policy?

All cancellations are subject to a $25 administrative fee. We will refund 50 percent of the registration fee for cancellations received within two weeks of the training. Cancellations made within three business days of the training are nonrefundable. If this program is not held for any reason, our liability is limited to the refund of the program fee.

Cancellation information for the Better Buildings: Better Business Conference can be found on the conference website.

What is your cancellation policy if a training is cancelled due to inclement weather? How are we notified?

If a training is cancelled due to the weather, registration fees will be 100 percent refunded. Registration fees are nonrefundable if the event is held and the attendee cancels.

As soon as a cancellation decision is made, an email will be sent to all registrants and the training website will be updated with cancellation information.

Are instructors of courses allowed to promote or endorse products, services, or devices?

Courses that offer continuing education credits are designed to be educational in nature. Prior to a course, speakers sign an agreement stating that they will not promote or endorse any product, services, or device immediately before, during, or directly after presentation. They agree to deliver the course without endorsement, bias, marketing, or sales orientation.

The speaker also agrees that prior to the start of the presentation, they will disclose any proprietary interest in any product, instrument, device, service, or material discussed, as well as the source of any compensation related to the presentation.

Do you have a continuing education privacy policy?

All records of an individual’s participation in a Slipstream education program will be maintained electronically for a minimum of seven years.

Records of an individual’s IACET-authorized Continuing Education Units are strictly confidential and available only to participants or persons approved by the participant. Participants may request a complete record at any time. Request should be made in writing to Lonna Berg at

What is your complaint resolution policy?

It is Slipstream’s intent to be responsive to its attendees and their concerns. Therefore, an attendee who has a problem with any aspect of our trainings may use the procedure described below to resolve or clarify his or her concerns.

Step 1: Discussion with director of education, John Viner, ( or 608.210.7146). The director will respond within five days of receiving the complaint.

Step 2: If the discussion with the director does not resolve the complaint, the attendee can submit a written complaint to the executive vice president, Marge Anderson, ( or 608.210.7132).

A meeting should be scheduled within five days of receiving the complaint.

Viewing webinars

I can't watch the live webinar at the scheduled time. Can I view it later?

Yes, we always record live webinars for on-demand access soon after the live broadcast. Use the same link that you used for the live webinar.

What if I'm late joining the webinar?

You can join the live broadcast at any time, but because it is a live webinar we cannot "rewind" back to what you have missed. All of our webinars are recorded for on-demand viewing and are made available soon after the live broadcast.

What time zone is "Central Time"?

Our live webinars are streamed from Madison, Wisconsin, USA, which is Central Standard Time (GMT - 6). Visit the time zone converter to find the time in your zone.

How can I make sure my computer or device can stream your webinars?

PLEASE NOTE: Live video streaming may be blocked by your IT department. Please check with your IT professional before a live broadcast to see if you can receive our live feed, and if necessary, request that they unblock video feed from Slipstream.

We typically stream our live webinars with Sonic Foundry's Mediasite software, which combines a video of the presenter along with the PowerPoint slides or other visuals. Please visit Sonic Foundry's technical requirements page to make sure your system is configured to view our webinars.

We recommend viewing with a Microsoft browser if Chrome or Firefox gives you trouble. Please download the latest version of the Microsoft Silverlight media player: We have also adapted some of our webinar recordings for YouTube.

To make sure you can view our recordings, you can sample a webinar to make sure your Internet connection and streaming player work.

  • Streaming audio and video can be delayed 15-30 seconds if you are using a cable modem or DSL connection.
  • Audio may sometimes begin slightly before the video.
  • This is a good time to make sure that your speakers are connected and turned on. Adjust the volume on your computer and within the media player interface.

What do I do if there is no sound?

Check to see that your speakers are:

  • Connected to the correct port on your computer.
  • Plugged into a power outlet.
  • Turned on and turned up to an audible level.

Adjust your system volume settings (will vary depending on device and operating system):

  • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  • Select Multimedia (Sounds and Audio Devices)
  • Select the audio icon from the audio tab and turn up the volume. Verify that the Mute boxes are not checked. (If the playback audio area is inaccessible it is likely that your system is not configured for sound.) 

Turn up the volume on the media player:

  • Open your media player from your Start menu.
  • Look for the speaker icon and adjust the volume using the slide bar adjacent to the icon.

Can I get a copy of the slides being used in the webinar?

We provide slides for our webinars whenever possible. For webinars produced through Mediasite, a link to the PDF of the slides is located under the "i" icon on the webinar interface. We also provide the link to the PDF in a follow-up email after the webinar.

Do you offer closed captioning?

Closed captioning is offered for most of our on-demand webinars. Click on the CC icon at the bottom of the webinar screen to enable this feature.

Can I view webinars in full-screen format?

Yes. Within the Mediasite player there are multiple viewing options: full screen, picture in picture, side by side, full frame, and the option to swap media elements. Mouse over the icons in the top right corner of the player to determine which is which.

Can I view webinars on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, all of our webinars are accessible on any device. Try the Mediasite app.