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The Accelerator is Slipstream's monthly digest with the latest news on how we help our partners get ahead of the curve on energy efficiency.

Each month, we publish one of two editions:

  • Energy Edition: for utility, government, and policy leaders—or anyone interested in how to ignite innovation around energy policy and regulations.
  • Buildings Edition: for developers, designers, contractors and other professionals who put energy solutions into practice.

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How has the coming transformation changed the way you think about buildings? What excites you about the future? How are you rethinking the way you approach climate solutions in your job? We will share your ideas in a future Accelerator. Together we can transform the conversation around our buildings and turn the "code red" into a blueprint for the future. Add your voice today.

Latest issues:

Past issues:

October 2021: New angles to building performance
September 2021: Solutions at every level—local, regional, global
August 2021: Transforming our buildings for a better future
July 2021: Connected solutions to connected challenges
June 2021: How we can make buildings better together
May 2021: Designing ways to achieve climate goals
April 2021: Celebrating innovation in buildings
March 2021: Looking ahead at lighting programs
February 2021: Introducing The Accelerator (Buildings Edition)
January 2021: Introducing The Accelerator (Energy Edition)