Energy Policy

March 3, 2021

Don’t wait—harvest that corn now

1,000 acres of corn to harvest and get to market It’s not news anymore—nor even a topic of serious debate—that Earth’s surface air temperature is rising largely because of human activities since the industrial revolution.
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December 30, 2020

Three climate solutions from the Wisconsin Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change Report that excite us

This month, the Badger State achieved a climate action milestone as the Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change released an expansive new outline for how Wisconsin plans to address this important crisis.
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May 14, 2020

Load shifting: The measures that can save energy and carbon together

In Minnesota—one of many states pursuing an aggressive set of climate goals—50% of statewide electricity production is estimated to come from wind and solar by 2035. At the same time, traditional efficiency measures are reaching saturation in the market.
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October 1, 2018

How can the Midwest be better? Energy efficiency insights from the Northeast

As Energy Efficiency Day approaches on Friday, Oct. 5, we reflect on the ways Wisconsin, the home of our headquarters, can learn from our more progressive neighbors who are making energy efficiency a priority.
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