Slipstream and partners to initiate the first energy potential study in Puerto Rico

May 30, 2023 by Jeannette LeZaks and Zack Mast

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) has selected Slipstream and several partners to conduct energy efficiency market baseline and potential studies that will help Puerto Rico transform its energy sector.

Led by NV5 (formerly Optimal Energy), these studies will set the foundation for Puerto Rico to scale up its first utility-run energy efficiency program. In addition, these efficiency measures, if implemented, will help Puerto Rico achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 and develop energy efficiency programs that meet the needs of all its residents.

PREB has never done a market baseline or potential study. Puerto Rico faces a unique set of cultural, demographic, and climate factors that will likely challenge the team to find creative ways to gather data and outline potential beyond the typical measures and programs seen in other areas of the U.S.

Slipstream will apply our experience in market characterization and potential studies in places such as Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois to develop an effective and cost-efficient approach to the baseline study. Along with NV5, we will collaborate with the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS). Their support on the ground will help us gather vital energy-use data on the island's homes and businesses.

After completing the market baseline studies, we'll use the data collected in the baseline study to determine the key areas of energy efficiency that Puerto Rico should focus on. In the end this project will not only tell Puerto Rico how much energy it can save — it will also clear the pathway to specific programs that ensure the entire island can benefit from the energy transformation.