Publication | January 16, 2024 by Justin Margolies

Planning for Wisconsin Air-Source Heat Pump Market Transformation

In 2019, Wisconsin became the first state in the Midwest to commit to being 100% carbon free by 2050. To decarbonize its grid faster and mitigate climate impacts, the state needs to accelerate the adoption of air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) to electrify residential buildings. To better understand the barriers in the way of widespread ASHP adoption, we conducted analysis on Wisconsin's residential building landscape, engaged market actors, and conducted a stakeholder needs assessment. More
Publication | December 7, 2023 by Shannon Stendel

A Simplified Field Diagnostics Protocol for Envelope and Duct Leakage in Manufactured Homes

This report describes a simplified protocol for assessing envelope and duct leakage in new manufactured homes for home installers and inspectors. More
Publication | November 8, 2023 by Connor Jansen

MassCEC BETA: Commercial Buildings Pilot Market Characterization Report

This report characterizes multifamily and commercial buildings in Massachusetts to identify key buildings for MassCEC's BETA decarbonization pilot. More
Publication | August 29, 2023 by

Michigan Heat Pump Collaborative Market Characterization

This report contains market research to inform the development of initiatives that boost adoption of heat pumps in Michigan. More
Publication | July 6, 2023 by Maddie Koolbeck

Quantifying the Impact of the Inflation Reduction Act on City Climate Actions and Goals: Methodology for Cities

This report provides guidance on how cities can identify key provisions from the IRA to accelerate and support their climate action goals. More
Publication | May 12, 2023 by Scott Pigg and Rebecca Sadler

Field Test of Integration Controls for Ductless Minisplit Heat Pumps in Minnesota

This project looked at how integration controls affect the efficiency and comfort of ductless minisplit heat pumps paired with existing electric-resistance heat. More
Publication | May 10, 2023 by Dan Streit

Opportunities for CIP to Support Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Slipstream senior researcher Dan Streit and Slipstream board members Bryan Van Stippen (Indian Land Tenure Foundation) and Kelly Cain (St. Croix Institute) delivered a Conservation Applied Research & Development webinar to make recommendations for Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Program to better support Indigenous Food Sovereignty. More
Publication | May 10, 2023 by Dan Streit

Indigenous Food Sovereignty: How Minnesota utility Conservation Improvement Program participation pathways can enable greater food security for Minnesota Native Nations

Indigenous communities pursue food sovereignty for many reasons, including a commitment to uphold traditional culture and value systems and to ensure their communities can access healthy, local food. Slipstream and our partners at the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, St. Croix Institute, and Healthy Share GBC conducted research using the lens and framework of Minnesota's Conservation Improvement Program to understand the energy-related challenges Minnesota's 11 Native nations face as they pursue food sovereignty initiatives. More
Publication | April 11, 2023 by Rachel Krogman and Shannon Stendel

Manufactured Home Contractor Research

Xcel Energy is considering including a manufactured retrofit program in their next Minnesota Conservation Improvement Program filing. Slipstream and our partner CEE researched contractor perspectives on manufactured homes. It can be difficult to find contractors who will work on manufactured homes and some weatherization agencies don’t provide manufactured homes services.  This presentation provides an update on Slipstream's research. More
Publication | March 13, 2023 by

New Homes Baseline and Market Characterization Study

This report summarizes a 2017 study that sought to better understand the characteristics of—and market for—new single-family homes in Wisconsin. More