May 30, 2023

How I learned to listen while researching ways for utilities to support Indigenous food sovereignty

We started a research project with good intentions. History spoke more loudly. The work was a reminder that communities we want to serve know what they need and that we can support best when we listen first.
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December 12, 2022

Slipstream, IREC to develop energy resilience plan in Castañer, Puerto Rico

The firms will coordinate to assist the local utility in developing tools to restore power faster after extreme weather events.
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September 27, 2022

Lessons on Listening: What utilities can learn from grassroots organizers

Slipstream launched a utility funded pilot program in 2019 to explore how a trusted community-based organization (CBO) could increase energy efficiency program participation. We started with the best of intentions. But every engineer knows intentions don't matter when the building falls. Through hard, honest reflection we realized where our intentions and our actions didn't align.
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September 1, 2022

Community-driven weatherization and decarbonization

Through support of the Pembroke-Hopkins Energy Efficiency Project, we hope to understand what it really takes to support rural community members in the clean energy transformation.
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July 28, 2022

Microgrids can be a building block to more resilient communities

Microgrids can help cities achieve their clean energy goals while maintaining essential services in a crisis—but only if a city fully understands the needs of its residents.
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July 26, 2022

Healthy, affordable housing for all: It's the right thing to do

The Principles of Environmental Justice (EJ) and the Jemez Principles of Democratic Organizing can guide us to build affordable housing solutions with impacted communities.
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December 7, 2021

A decade of difference in rural Michigan: Impacts from Slipstream’s energy-efficiency work with MECA

In a ten-year partnership with Michigan Electric Cooperative Association (MECA), Slipstream advanced energy efficiency research and proved the impact of our programs through high kWh and energy cost savings for frontline communities. 
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December 1, 2021

Loan and rebate program makes access to energy efficient solutions more equitable

Michigan Saves hosts a program for DTE Energy customers in Wayne and Washtenaw Counties that combines low-interest financing with rebates. The program provides access to home upgrades for comfort, health, and lower energy bills that might not be otherwise accessible.
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November 9, 2021

Community prioritization and weatherization: Unpacking Milwaukee’s climate and equity plan with Matt Donath

Matt Donath has a lot on his mind.
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June 28, 2021

BIT Building: An affordable path to higher performance for smaller buildings

Jenny Carney, a co-founder of BIT Building, discusses how the framework helps owners and operators "go on a journey" with their building toward a better future.
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