April 25, 2024

A collaborative energy plan for Dane County schools

To help with their sustainability goals, four school districts in Dane County partnered with Slipstream to collaborate on a joint energy planning project.
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April 11, 2024

Pathways to residential electrification in Indigenous communities

Slipstream will develop a case study to demonstrate cost-effective pathways to electrifying homes with Indigenous communities in Minnesota.
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December 12, 2023

Green Bay gets greener with new clean energy plan

The city and its partners aim to adopt 100% clean energy and carbon neutrality by 2050.
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October 30, 2023

Slipstream and partners receive Buildings Upgrade Prize to design and launch Cream City Climate Challenge in Milwaukee

Funded by the prize from the U.S. Department of Energy, the new Cream City Climate Challenge aims to inspire weatherization and electrification and improve health and safety outcomes for the City of Milwaukee's historically disadvantaged communities (DACs).
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August 28, 2023

Meet the principal of Wisconsin's first net zero energy school

The principal of Forest Edge Elementary shares her experiences leading a school where every hallway is a lesson in sustainability.
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July 28, 2023

Rural Michigan cooperatives set the standard for carbon emissions reporting

A set of rural Michigan electric cooperative partners track and report their programs' impact toward lower carbon emissions, making progress toward Michigan's climate and clean energy goals and meeting their members' needs.
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July 27, 2023

Program spotlight: How one rural Michigan co-op invests in their community by serving non-profit businesses

PIE&G's successful Non-Profit Business Bonus proves the power of programs that understand a community and its needs.
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May 30, 2023

How I learned to listen while researching ways for utilities to support Indigenous food sovereignty

We started a research project with good intentions. History spoke more loudly. The work was a reminder that communities we want to serve know what they need and that we can support best when we listen first.
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December 12, 2022

Slipstream, IREC to develop energy resilience plan in Castañer, Puerto Rico

The firms will coordinate to assist the local utility in developing tools to restore power faster after extreme weather events.
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September 27, 2022

Lessons on Listening: What utilities can learn from grassroots organizers

Slipstream launched a utility funded pilot program in 2019 to explore how a trusted community-based organization (CBO) could increase energy efficiency program participation. We started with the best of intentions. But every engineer knows intentions don't matter when the building falls. Through hard, honest reflection we realized where our intentions and our actions didn't align.
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