Dual fuel air-source heat pump pilot

June 1, 2020

Cold climate heat pumps provide economic, environmental, and grid benefits

Can cold climate heat pumps deliver worthwhile results to homeowners and utilities? How do we design effective programs and product rebates to encourage heat pump adoption? We monitored residential centrally ducted, dual fuel air-source heat pumps in Michigan to find out.

This study filled the knowledge gap on market-driven installations of dual fuel air-source heat pumps in cold climates. We discovered each home had a cost savings of approximately $300-$1000 and payback periods of less than nine years. We also found a carbon dioxide savings average of 10 %.

Study participants were satisfied with their dual fuel air-source heat pump and each heat pump achieved significant energy and cost savings. The research team discovered that dual fuel air-source heat pumps can provide immediate economic, environmental, and grid benefits.

The study’s findings will inform the utility’s program approach to energy optimization. It will help the utility design programs and rebates that minimize utility costs for homeowners and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This study also breaks ground for future research initiatives to support beneficial electrification of space heating.

Check out the final report for methodology, findings, and recommendations.