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Slipstream is proud to join our industry peers for Net Zero Buildings Week to highlight the benefits of net-zero buildings for a clean energy future. As we work to reduce carbon emissions and boost energy efficiency, we must ensure that the clean economy includes our most vulnerable communities.

We've shared some of our research and education around net-zero buildings below. We hope you find these resources helpful as we build a net-zero future for all. 

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Net Zero Now For a Better Future

Our Research:

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Our Tools:

  • Don't play the guessing game! Our EUI Analyzer uses publicly available data on building performance to help building owners make informed decisions on future and current building performance standards.

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Bayview mosaic wall art
The Bayview Foundation wanted to provide modern, affordable housing for their community to not only lower utility bills and reduce emissions, but also enhance indoor air quality, daylighting, and a connection to nature. With a grant from Madison Gas and Electric, Slipstream helped the team set and reach their sustainability goals. Read more
Dane counties
Many of the largest US cities adopted ambitious goals to reduce their energy and carbon emissions. However, not all communities have the same resources to tackle complex issues of reducing overall energy consumption. To leverage the resources that collaboration can provide, seven communities in Dane County (Fitchburg, Marshall, Middleton, Monona, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, and Waunakee) came together to develop energy plans that provide clear guidance on near term actions for each community. Read more
smart grid
Peak demand patterns are changing and stressing the grid in new ways. What if our buildings could mitigate grid stress during peak demand? Connected lighting. Automated shades. Intelligent energy storage. Slipstream is analyzing how, when these systems work together, we can achieve maximum flexible load for the grid. We will design and implement the integrated systems on two real buildings. We’ll find out how these systems work for the grid and for people. Read more
heat pump
Cold climate heat pumps provide economic, environmental, and grid benefits Can cold climate heat pumps deliver worthwhile results to homeowners and utilities? How do we design effective programs and product rebates to encourage heat pump adoption? We monitored residential centrally ducted, dual fuel air-source heat pumps in Michigan to find out. Read more
New York City skyline
The standards experts at NBI explain how building owners and developers can get ready for ambitious clean-energy ordinances happening in cities and states throughout the U.S. Read more
city skyline with blurred heart-shaped lights
The Greenbush neighborhood is one of Madison’s most culturally diverse communities. Three hundred of its residents live in the Triangle/Monona Bay neighborhood in the heart of downtown Madison. The Bayview Foundation wanted to provide modern, affordable housing for their community - not only lower utility bills but build net-zero energy buildings. The Bayview Foundation partnered with Horizon Development to expand to 500 residents in two new apartment buildings and eight townhome buildings. Read more
building automation
Deep energy savings. Lower installation and commissioning costs. All commercial building types. It’s time to move beyond lighting replacements. Read more
Accelerate Performance process
This U.S. DOE-funded initiative empowers owners and developers to achieve desired energy performance goals. It will change the way they procure their buildings. Read more
Back-of-the-Envelope calculator
Our Back-of-the-Envelope calculator is a learning tool that allows anyone to interact with a building as an energy system. You can see real-time energy connections between building components, isolate the effects of changing a single energy parameter, or produce concept-level energy and CO2 emissions estimates. When it comes to building energy consumption, nearly everything affects everything. It's very difficult to get a feel for energy efficiency among the complicated interactions. Read more
EUI Analyzer
This tool compiles publicly available data on actual building performance alongside industry references. It supports EUI goal-setting for projects that integrate an energy performance target. With this knowledge, users can make informed decisions on future and current building performance standards. Read more
Future climate data
We provide a set of future climate files for use within your energy modeling tools. Data is available for sixteen locations representing the major North American climate zones. Read more
Walgreens storefront
In this webinar, our team of experts and practitioners show how to approach a net zero building project. Attempting to achieve net zero energy creates unique design, engineering, and business challenges that require innovative solutions. Read more
Aerial view of neighborhood
Eliminate barriers to energy-saving upgrades with affordable financing options. Read more