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solar panels on roof
Efficient electric homes offer a world of benefits for both builders and home buyers—and a new, exciting way for utilities to incorporate emerging technology into their energy efficiency portfolios.   In 2019, Slipstream was asked to collaborate with an Illinois utility to envision what the next generation of residential efficiency programs might look like. Earlier this year, we launched a pilot with the objective of recruiting Illinois builders to go all-electric while linking solar and EV offerings into an integrated, comprehensive package. Read more
electric lawn mower
Electric outdoor power equipment offers a trio of benefits – reduced health impacts, reduced carbon emissions, and lower operating costs. With numerous options in the market and performance matching that of gas equipment, a switch to outdoor electric power equipment is easier than ever.  Read more
Two engineers shaking hands in front of a power line
Robin Lisowski details measures in the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that align with Slipstream's mission to accelerate climate solutions for everyone. Read more
Interior of a new kitchen
In 2020, Slipstream launched a pilot that proved that all-electric homes can serve as a scalable approach to widespread electrification, even in cold climates. Read more
A house in a rural area
When designing residential programs, much of our work involves getting end users to adopt technology that can reduce the carbon footprint of their homes. One of the biggest means of decarbonization is electrification, the practice of adopting electric versions of mechanical systems that would otherwise require fossil fuels such as natural gas or propane. Read more
heating and cooling
There are several benefits of dual fuel space heating instead of all-electric space heating. These include resiliency, allowing consumer-members to adapt to changing temperatures, and improving comfort while still providing an opportunity for beneficial electrification. Slipstream’s Justin Margolies contributed to an article titled, “Advancing Beneficial Electrification: The Role of Dual Fuel Home Heating Systems in Cold Climates.” Check it out to learn more about this technology and applications specifically for colder climates. Read more
The Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP) recognized Slipstream for an outstanding energy efficiency program and named Slipstream employee, Justin Margolies, as One to Watch at its 29th National Conference and Expo currently underway in San Antonio, Texas. Read more
Electric Car
September 8-16 is National Drive Electric Week! National Drive Electric Week is an annual celebration and outreach campaign, with the goal of increasing awareness of the benefits and widespread availability of electric vehicles (EVs). Read more
Beneficial Electrification
In our 2018 Energy Outlook, we pointed to several emerging trends that are likely to shape our work in the future—including a cleaner grid, local focus, a growing energy storage market, and heat pump technology for space and water heating and cooling. While these developments are exciting on their own, the combination is indicative of a fundamental transformation of the power sector. Read more
Executive Summary  The verdict is in. The research community has identified electrification as a key strategy to decarbonize the economy. Two fundamentally powerful trends contribute to this new opportunity. First, the electric supply mix continues to experience an increased penetration of natural gas, wind and solar, which is rapidly reducing the electric power sector’s emissions rate. Second, existing and new electric powered equipment are increasingly exhibiting higher efficiency levels and lower lifetime costs than their fossil fuel powered counterparts. Read more
Slipstream is proud to champion and deliver innovative energy initiatives. Along this journey, we are often inspired by other industry leaders who develop technologies, policies, and business models that foster a prosperous and sustainable energy future. As we look ahead to 2018 and beyond, several emerging industry trends are likely to shape the nature of our work here at Slipstream. Read on to discover how the way we use and create energy will continue to change this year. Read more