The Year 2020 was a difficult time for all of us, but climate change hasn’t taken a back seat to the world’s challenges. At Slipstream, we forged ahead with our mission to accelerate climate solutions for everyone. In the weeks ahead, we will be unveiling our 2020 Innovations that helped our industry move forward.
A rural goat farm

2020 Innovations: On-bill financing brings energy-efficient upgrades to rural homes

Scaling energy efficiency means making programs more equitable. As we expand programs to serve more people's energy needs, we must help the people who have the highest energy burden. Why should utilities focus on rural community needs? Regulators and utilities often consider rural communities hard to reach. Utilities can make a real difference in energy affordability for residents of rural communities. Continue reading

2020 Innovations: Paired affordable upgrades to small buildings with an opportunity to create green jobs

In 2020, Slipstream helped launch a pilot to make improvements to small buildings. In the process, we found an opportunity to create green jobs in underserved communities. Continue reading
A mother and child making a PB&J sandwich at home

2020 Innovations: Scaled up a more inclusive underwriting approach to drive participation in energy efficiency programs

In 2020, Slipstream adapted a more inclusive underwriting approach to increase access to home energy upgrades for customers with low incomes. Continue reading
Interior of a new kitchen

2020 Innovations: Expanded the market for all-electric homes in cold climates

In 2020, Slipstream launched a pilot that proved that all-electric homes can serve as a scalable approach to widespread electrification, even in cold climates. Continue reading