Building energy modeling for your classroom: Sketchbox as a teaching tool

Grow students' understanding of sustainable building practices with a virtual workshop on our free energy modeling tool.

Join us to learn about Sketchbox, a powerful and free energy modeling tool that can help students understand and analyze the impacts of energy efficiency technologies in buildings.

This virtual on-demand workshop will introduce you to a user-friendly energy modeling tool developed by Slipstream. Sketchbox is available at no cost to schools, can run from a Chromebook, and uses a web interface so no downloads are needed.

About the virtual workshop

The workshop provides comprehensive lessons covering model inputs and reports, as well as a guide to working with building energy codes. We also explore lessons in building setpoints and controls.

Whether you're teaching courses related to construction, HVAC, sustainability, math, physics, science, or computer science, Sketchbox can enhance your teaching toolkit by a real example of how building designers use energy modeling to plan better, more sustainable buildings.

Equip your students with skills to build energy models and make a positive impact on a building's energy efficiency.

Sketchbox project design
Sketchbox project design

What is energy modeling?

Energy modeling is a software-based tool that architects, engineers, and building operators use to make accurate, energy-saving decisions on new and existing buildings. Through the process, a user inputs the initial characteristics of a building using an energy code baseline and then re-simulates the building using various energy conservation measures.

One of the drawbacks of energy modeling is that it can be complex, expensive, and time consuming and has a significant learning curve to master. Sketchbox simplifies the energy modeling process to enable projects of all shapes and sizes to be more climate-friendly.

Train the next generation of energy modelers!

Sketchbox is currently being used as a teaching tool in high schools, tech colleges, and at architecture and engineering colleges and universities across the United States.

With the clean energy sector experiencing rapid growth, Sketchbox is an ideal platform for students to dive into the world of building science. From architecture and engineering to building operations and facility management, Sketchbox opens up new possibilities for students to gain hands-on experience and practical insights into various clean energy fields.

By using Sketchbox, students can develop a deeper understanding of green technologies, setting them on a path to become future leaders and innovators in the clean energy revolution.

How to get started

  1. Create a Sketchbox account at
  2. Preview Sketchbox tutorials available at the tool's website. These videos can help you discover the breadth of capabilities of Sketchbox and get you thinking about the types of questions you might want to explore during the workshop.
  3. Access several classroom lessons that have already been developed at WISELearn.
  4. View slides to the virtual workshop for educators here; click here to download (PDF).
  5. Watch the virtual workshop with our recording here.

Note: If you encounter any trouble creating your account, you can contact for help or other technical assistance. Learn more about Sketchbox here!