Extra credit: A video interview with Slipstream Board Member Charles Hua, Harvard '22

June 2, 2021 by Zack Mast

Charles Hua has a lot on his plate. An undergraduate at Harvard College, Charles studies statistics and mathematics to inform his passion for environmental and climate policy research. Charles also sits on Slipstream's Board of Directors—far from a typical extracurricular for most college students. For Charles, it's just another opportunity to drive positive change across the planet.

As the son of Chinese immigrants and the youngest member of our board, Charles brings a unique set of perspectives to Slipstream and the energy sector at large. He's already made an impact in his own backyard. In high school, Charles raised $150,000 to install solar panels at Madison West High School and founded 100% Renew Madison, a campaign that successfully petitioned the Madison Metropolitan School District to commit to using 100% renewable energy.

We caught up with Charles between exams to gather his insights on the direction of the climate crisis, the challenges facing the energy industry, the importance of environmental justice, and more. 

In the video, Charles embodies Slipstream's mission of accelerating climate solutions for everyone: "The question of change from the status quo is always scary, but it doesn't have to be—especially if it's communicated and done in ways that are very inclusive."