Our Mission: Accelerating climate solutions. For everyone.


We take the climate issue seriously.

We challenge the usual approaches to energy efficiency and push for better energy and climate solutions. In 2019, we:

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Slipstream is a mission-driven nonprofit that inspires new solutions to big energy challenges by empowering more people to adopt new practices and technologies.

We listen. We team with our partners to help improve the energy landscape, and we always start with inspiration. Since 1980, we've been helping people make smarter energy choices. We partner with utilities, local and state governments, regulatory agencies, and change-making organizations. We've remained at the forefront of energy solutions because we always start by listening and learning from the people we serve. As their needs change along with the energy landscape, we reimagine our offerings. We test new ideas for impact. We deliver results—in energy savings, quality of life, professional skills, and economics. We seek inspiration every day from partners and people so that together, we achieve the benefits of clean energy for all.

We empower. The clean energy transformation is the challenge of our time. That transformation takes the right guidance. That's why we champion new energy solutions focused in four areas. Through these solution areas we share the knowledge, people, and resources to help meet the most challenging energy goals.

We lead. Our industry experts constantly challenge the status quo. Their work helps us transform markets in real ways, creating measurable savings that endure and create high-impact benefits. View our annual reports that recap some of our greatest successes over the years.

We discover. Our work puts the best interests of those we serve first: that’s what it means to be a mission-driven nonprofit. That's why we're dedicated to challenging the way it has always been done—so that we can drive better results for more people. So that we can serve those who have been left behind. So that we can find new solutions to the industry’s toughest problems.

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