Slipstream and partners to train dozens of weatherization professionals with federal WAP Innovation grant

Led by Faith in Place, a project team including Slipstream and OAI will support dozens of new careers in the home energy performance and energy efficiency workforce.
July 8, 2024 by Zack Mast

As part of the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) Innovation Grants, Faith in Place received a $1.9 million award to support Workforce Development as part of an Enhancement & Innovation grant. Faith in Place will collaborate with Slipstream and OAI to increase the diversity of workers in the home energy performance and energy efficiency sector.

The project team will use Faith in Place's trusted Green Team model to engage residents in Northern Illinois—including Chicago, the South Suburbs of Chicago, and Waukegan—who are often overlooked or underrepresented in the clean energy workforce. By the end of the three-year grant period, the project will have trained 30-45 Illinoisans for long-term career success in home energy performance and energy efficiency.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Slipstream and OAI on this critical initiative to train and support a new generation of energy efficiency specialists. This funding offers a unique opportunity to not only enhance energy efficiency in our communities but also to foster long-term career success for individuals often underrepresented in the clean energy workforce," said Rev. Brian Sauder, President and CEO of Faith in Place.

Slipstream will conduct trainings in weatherization and building science to build participants' skills in assessing and improving home energy performance. Stipends will be given to training program participants to alleviate financial hardship, including child care and transportation costs, often associated with building a new career.

Once trained, participants will be connected to OAI's existing network of solar, construction, and environmental employers in the region to find career placement opportunities and begin their journey as newly minted professionals in the clean energy transition.