Master your building controls, on-demand

May 5, 2022

Building controls can drive big energy savings - if they are properly implemented. We’re here to help. We partnered with energy experts to guide you at every step of your controls learning journey - from the fundamentals to advanced building controls, from design to implementation.

Whether you are just starting to learn about building controls or you are an expert ready to take your strategies to the next level, we have a course for you. Check out our ESTCP courses, covering all stages of energy management:

  • The fundamentals of building controls
  • Advanced control strategies
  • Energy modeling and building monitoring
  • ESTCP demonstrations
  • Existing building commissioning

Slipstream was awarded a grant by the Department of Defense (DoD) Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (ESTCP) to develop this comprehensive training library on building controls for you. These courses cover everything from the fundamentals of building HVAC systems and controls to advanced control strategies for intelligent building operations and more.

You can also check out our 17 shorter sessions on YouTube today.

Also visit our comprehensive continuing education catalog for more learning opportunities!