Slipstream introduces Sketchbox: Your trusted energy modeling tool

September 14, 2022 by Rachel Dortin
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 14, 2022

MADISON, WI – Slipstream Group, Inc., a national nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating climate solutions for all, today launched Sketchbox™, a web-based energy modeling tool that takes the guesswork out of energy performance and helps users find the right solutions faster.

"Sketchbox will change the energy modeling game," says Sandra Henry, Slipstream's President. "Conventional energy models take a lot of time and money. Only high-profile buildings get the analysis they deserve. Sketchbox is truly a climate solution for everyone, because more people will be able to design better buildings that use less carbon."

We're excited to get Sketchbox in the hands of the community. We've used Sketchbox to design better programs and deliver results to our clients," says Slipstream Director of Engineering, Ben Heymer. "I can't wait to see what other people do with Sketchbox—especially the next generation of energy efficiency pros. We're not done. We'll keep evolving the product based on our users."

A screenshot of the Sketchbox image modeling tool
A screenshot of the Sketchbox image modeling tool

Sketchbox's simplicity is its key innovation. You don't need to spend days redrawing geometry, pouring over energy code books, or debugging errors. The intuitive web interface lets users "sketch boxes" to define distinct parts of a building and connect them in different ways. The system suggests energy efficiency strategies for the most common types of buildings and HVAC systems and helps designers understand which strategies are the most impactful.

Sketchbox is fast enough to be truly useful in the earliest, most conceptual, phase of design when decisions have the biggest impact on energy performance and budgets. Users can feel confident that results are accurate for early phase design, simple buildings, and energy efficiency programs. Users can access Sketchbox on any internet-connected device, including a smart phone, to make real-time decisions.

Sketchbox Pricing and Tiers
Level Basic Standard
Cost $0 $149/Year
Number of Building Shells 2 10
Access to DOE-2 Files No Yes
Saved Projects 10 Unlimited


Learn more and see Sketchbox in action here.



Rachel Dortin
Digital Content Strategist

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