The journey to net zero: How to begin and dream big- Handouts

In an effort to support our organization's mission of sustainability, we will not provide printed copies of training materials. We strongly encourage attendees to go paperless for our training events. 

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Bayview Redevelopment: Net Zero for all

Slipstream Building Energy Design Tools

Sketchbox Simplified Energy Modeling Tool - Take a sneak peek of Slipstream’s energy modeling tool, Sketchbox, which is a web-based tool that enables simplified energy analysis of commercial buildings. The platform is suitable for all levels of technical expertise, providing a user-friendly introduction to whole-building energy modeling, with a focus on early design and concept modeling. The tool can also be used to identify energy savings for existing buildings and retrofits. Sketchbox allows users to understand the impact of various improvement measures on overall energy performance and cost compared to a baseline. Slipstream is planning to fully launch the tool this fall.

Access Sketchbox

Sketchbox Demo and Tutorial Videos

New Tools Help Simplify The Energy Modeling Process: Sketchbox, Target Finder, and Portfolio Manager set and evaluate energy targets (article)

The State of Commercial Electrification: HVAC (blog)

Commercial Building Electrification: Accelerating Decarbonization in Cold Climates (webinar)

Maximize Your Facility – DIY Energy Efficiency Videos for Building Operators and Facility Managers

Advanced Building Controls and Energy Management Training Resource

Slipstream On-demand Webinar Catalog


Net Zero Resources

ASHRAE - Achieving Zero Energy: Advanced Energy Design Guides (Multi-Family, K-12 School and Office Buildings)

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - A Guide to Zero Energy and Zero Energy Ready K-12 Schools

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) - Guide: Best Practices for Achieving Zero Over Time for Building Portfolios

New Buildings Institute (NBI) - Tools and Guides for Getting to Zero

Department of Energy (DoE) - Federal Existing Buildings Handbook for Net Zero Energy, Water, and Waste

Getting to Zero (Co-hosted by RMI and NBI)


Third-Party Certifications for Net Zero


PHIUS Zero - Passive House Institute US

Living Building Challenge

Living Building Challenge - Net Zero Energy

Living Building Challenge - Net Zero Carbon

Zero Energy Ready Home

New Buildings Institute (Verification for Net Zero)


Embodied Carbon Resources

Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) - Embodied Carbon 101

Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator - Primer for AEC Professionals

Rocky Mountain Institute - Reducing Embodied Carbon in Buildings

Girl Scout Troop Video #1 - Concrete Climate Ideas

Girl Scout Troop Video #2 - A Musical Take Action Video


Solar Resources

RENEW Wisconsin

Oregon School District Sustainability


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