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the text "food for thought" with "food" written out with cheese, meat, corn, and bread.
Commercial + industrial

Energy efficiency in food processing- energy savings potential

We reveal data and share the information you need to evaluate your facility’s energy use in comparison to national energy benchmarks. We share the top energy saving findings from more than 110 food manufacturing facility energy audits and discuss how to incorporate non-energy saving benefits into your sales pitch to upper management in order to get projects implemented.
Credits: BOC, BOMI, GBCI
the text "food for thought" with "food" written out with cheese, meat, corn, and bread.
Commercial + industrial

Energy efficiency in food processing- energy efficient refrigeration

We show how minimizing air infiltration through doorways in industrial refrigeration storage spaces reduces sensible and latent loads, cutting costs during the cooling and defrost cycles. Learn the driving forces behind air infiltration, as well as how to reduce it. We examine strip curtains and air curtains, and discuss how to calculate flow rates and energy savings. In addition, we show you how to evaluate defrost frequency and dwell time through careful observation and monitoring—a crucial step not to be missed when evaluating energy efficiency at your facility.
Credits: BOC, BOMI, GBCI
infrared camera aimed at a building
HVAC, Residential

Next step in thermography

Own an infrared camera and want to expand into the commercial market? Watch this on-demand webinar to learn the major differences between residential and commercial building thermography. We review the electrical and mechanical systems thermographers should be familiar with and discuss how to perform a commercial roof inspection. Tool and certification recommendations, as well as safety and insurance requirements are also reviewed.
Credits: GBCI, NARI, WI-DSPS, UDC-Construction Inspector Certification
text reading "good news, bad news, the lighting industry doesn't stand still... stay on the cutting edge. join us."

LED trends and choices

We’ve reached a point where costs are competitive with incumbent lighting solutions and the marketplace is embracing LED as the light source of choice. Join us to discuss current LED technologies and controls for interior and exterior lighting applications. After we take a brief look back at where LED performance has been, we’ll review current trends in performance, costs and practical solutions. We’ll touch on the DesignLights Consortium, as well as available rebates and the consortium’s impact on lighting product choices.
Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI PE, WI-DSPS, Electrical
White paper house sitting on grass
HVAC, New construction, Residential

Radon control options for new home construction

Take an in-depth look at radon control systems for new homes and better understand why effective radon control is key to occupant health, safety and comfort. Following the specifications set forth by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, this course teaches you how to incorporate a radon control system into home construction projects.
Credits: NARI, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification
streetlights on a wooded road overlaid with text reading "Accelerate your LED outdoor lighting conversion"

LED outdoor lighting: barriers and solutions

High performance LED outdoor lighting technologies are a cost effective energy savings opportunity often offering 50 percent or more savings relative to previously installed systems. Plus, they last longer and offer maintenance and operational benefits. Our expert presenter will highlight three key challenges of outdoor street and area LED lighting conversions in the public sector—financial, technical and regulatory—and describe proven solutions to overcome these obstacles. She’ll share information, best practices and key findings from the Better Buildings Outdoor Lighting Accelerator, a DOE initiative that focuses on this vital public service and works with dozens of municipalities to accelerate the adoption of LED outdoor lighting.
Credits: WI-DSPS, Electrical
person framing a building

Modern framing techniques that work

Are you a skeptic when it comes to advanced framing techniques? Our expert presenter has been working with them for nearly a decade. He’ll share his real-world experiences and discuss the pros and cons of advanced framing systems. Are you looking for better-than-code energy efficiency, improved strength and cost savings? Join us.
Credits: WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-Construction Inspector Certification
atomic illustration with text reading "What's going on in there?"
Commercial + industrial, HVAC

Boilers: thermodynamics and combustion

Seeking energy savings? A basic understanding of boilers and how to control them is a good place to start. Explore thermodynamics, heat transfer and combustion during this video series. It is intended for those interested in learning more about boiler systems and the controls used for automatic operation.
Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI-DSPS, Commercial Building Inspector Certification
text reading "going with the flow"
Commercial + industrial, HVAC, Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

VRF system optimization

Variable refrigerant flow systems have gained popularity in the United States over the past 8 to 10 years for a variety of reasons including energy efficiency and flexibility. Learn more about the various types of VRF systems, how they work and how they compare to other technologies.
Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI PE, WI-DSPS, Commercial Building Inspector Certification
house in winter landscape
New construction, Residential

Building the optimal customer-centric home

Is your energy efficiency and sustainability message falling upon deaf ears? Join us online to learn how to reframe the conversation and discuss the concept of a perfectly efficient home. We'll focus on meeting your customers' lifestyle desires while using every available dollar to generate the greatest savings. The key structural and mechanical components of a home will be reviewed; and we'll explain how to analyze the options available so that you can help your customers make the right building decisions.
Credits: WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification