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Commercial + industrial

Electrical energy savings opportunities in metals manufacturing

Is your metals manufacturing facility in need of an energy efficiency upgrade but additional cost is preventing you from making the change? Join us for an overview of cost-effective strategies and technologies to consider in a metals manufacturing facility to reduce operating costs and improve profitability. Learn about several common energy and efficiency improvements associated with general motor driven equipment, compressed air, pumps, cooling, dust collection and combustion fans, welders, machining equipment, lighting, and more.
Credits: None
shopping cart of building supplies

Building products and systems: the good, the bad, the ugly

New building products and systems crop up like both sturdy trees and annoying weeds. Sometimes it is not so easy to tell the difference. Peter has been evaluating building products and systems for more than 30 years. He will lay out a "protocol" for evaluating building materials and then apply that lens to new products and even his Wingnut testing.
Credits: AIA, ASHI, BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-Construction Inspector Certification
fan on wall

Bath fan installed performance: the pressure is on!

The subject of indoor air quality (IAQ) gets a lot of press these days and it's often assumed that just because a home is new that the installed mechanical ventilation systems can contribute to better IAQ. The most common types of ventilation systems include whole-house, bathroom spot, and kitchen spot. Of these three systems, it is Joe’s belief that the bathroom spot fans are probably used most frequently and are the most important, yet why do so many test poorly? This session will highlight several case studies clearly demonstrating the importance of good products combined with good installation practices.
Credits: AIA, ASHI, BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-HVAC Inspector Certification
opening into a roof peak

Cathedral roof venting deep dive and demo

Last year, we demonstrated the Wingnut Roof Vent Testing on a small demonstration rig. Although the two-by-four easel rig revealed quite a bit about cathedral roof venting, it brought up the question of how it compares to real roofs. This session will show you how the demo rig has been improved. You will witness a theatrical fogger demo that will reveal what happens on real roofs for vented cathedral roof assemblies. You will understand how roof slope, depth of vent chute, orientation, and type of ridge vent all affect if and how much air is actually venting. 
Credits: AIA, ASHI, BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-Construction Inspector Certification
insulation being secured to wall

Deep energy retrofit strategies for aging homes

Our nation's housing stock in in peril as homeowners are increasingly challenged financially to maintain and upgrade their homes. Upgrades are badly needed as our housing stock average age approaches 40 years. However, deep energy retrofits are not for the faint of heart. There are plenty of minefields along the way that can undermine goals for improved efficiency, durability, comfort, health and safety. This session will identify the risks and technical challenges of deep energy retrofit strategies.
Credits: AIA, ASHI, BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification
smart thermostat on wall
Education, HVAC, Residential

Smart thermostats 101: features, benefits, and market trends

Smart thermostats control far more than just temperature. Ryan Hoger discusses the features and benefits of using smart thermostats to save energy, enhance indoor air quality, and track data. Geared toward residential thermostat users and installers alike, this course highlights market trends and addresses installation challenges and solutions. It will also explain the smart features used for energy efficiency, humidity management, and fan optimization.
Credits: BPI, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-HVAC Inspector Certification
networked lighting controls app on mobile device next to office space lighting
Commercial + industrial, Lighting, Smart buildings

The second lighting revolution: Networked lighting controls

Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI PE, WI-DSPS, Electrical
person examining equipment
Commercial + industrial

Energy efficiency in food processing: cooling towers and steam systems

Join expert Tom Tucker as he discusses cooling tower and steam system efficiency opportunities. He introduces a graphical tool that makes better estimates of true power consumption using simple current measurements. You will be able to use these power estimation techniques on any electric motor, including those on cooling systems.
Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI PE, WI-DSPS, Boiler-Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification, Commercial Building Inspector Certification
"Get the A to Z on ERV, DCV, VAV, and more"
Commercial + industrial, HVAC

HVAC technology enhancements for energy conservation

Do you know how to get the largest energy savings in your commercial buildings? HVAC as a single system is 45-70% of a building’s energy use—making it the biggest energy user and a major retrofit target. Even though this percentage depends on climate, building type, and building usage, HVAC still has one of the largest impacts on energy use. Ryan Hoger discusses a variety of energy-saving HVAC technologies and optimization considerations.
Credits: AFE, BOC, BOMI, WI PE, WI-DSPS, Commercial Building Inspector Certification, UDC-HVAC Inspector Certification
Office building overlaid with icons representing various features connected via building automation systems.
Commercial + industrial, Education, Smart buildings

Get inside the Building Automation System: Your building's brain

The central hub of your building that tells equipment what to do, the same way your brain tells your hands what to do, is the Building Automation System (BAS). Did you know the BAS can provide benefits in three key areas: environmental, comfort, and financial? Join us as we take a look at modern commercial BAS basics including architecture, networks, controllers, programming tools, and user interface. You will discover how to evaluate and select a BAS that meets your needs. We will also make sure you are up to speed on the latest BAS trends including ASHRAE guide 36, automated fault detection and diagnostics, mobile applications, and even IoT-based BAS.