U.S. General Services Administration chooses Slipstream to test innovative grid-interactive efficient building solutions

We are honored to be a part of two grid-interactive efficient building (GEB) solutions to be tested in U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) facilities. The pilot projects will determine how well these GEB solutions improve building energy efficiency. They will also test the ability to control the building energy system for load shedding and load shifting in order to reduce building peak demand and demand charges.

Slipstream will collaborate with Kinetic Buildings to exhibit their GEB solution “Synapse” software at two pilot sites. The software provides automated building operations and equipment identification, scalable load optimization, and continuous machine learning. Slipstream will serve as an integrator and GEB consultant, utility interface, and help with tech transfer.

Similarly, Slipstream will work with Prescriptive Data to test their Nantum software solution at one pilot site. Our team will help evaluate the real-time occupancy data and machine-learning-based energy conservation measures that enable building systems to maximize load shed/shift opportunities while maintaining occupant comfort.

Slipstream’s expertise in this area and the unique features and capabilities of the software vendor’s GEB solutions make this a strong partnership.

We look forward to collaborating with these partners to test GEB solutions. Check out GSA’s press release and our latest research in the GEB space.

Stay tuned to learn about the results of these GEB solutions.