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Minnesota building owners: improve your energy efficiency with modern HVAC controls

Rooftop HVAC units

Upgrade your commercial building's HVAC controls in our field demonstration

Thanks to a grant from the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Slipstream is looking for buildings in the state of Minnesota to make their site a model of digital building controls—and receive deep energy savings in the process.

This research aims to improve the process of retrofitting commercial building controls, leading to greater energy savings and easier building operation and maintenance. More specifically, we'll use ASHRAE Guideline 36-18, High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems to guide the upgrade of your building controls.

Building Requirements

As long as it's located within the state of Minnesota, your building may be a good candidate if it:

  • Has a need for a full retrofit of the building control system hardware
  • Already has modern direct digital controls, but you'd be willing to upgrade the control system software

If you think your building is a good fit, please reach out to us. Ideal building candidates will also fit the following requirements:

  • HVAC system served by single– and/or multi-zone VAV AHUs
  • One of the following building control systems: Automated Logic, Trane, Distech Controls, Honeywell/Alerton, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls
  • No significant process loads—or at least process loads that can be disaggregated from other loads
  • Non-residential occupancy

Benefits of Participating

  • Estimated energy savings of 20–40%
  • Reduced operations costs
  • Improved occupant comfort and occupant engagement
  • Improved operational efficiency via smart HVAC controls sequencing
  • Marketing and publicity opportunities for your building
  • Financial incentives may be available

To submit your building or learn more, click here to contact Principal Engineer Dr. Joe Zhou.