Texas A&M University partners with Slipstream to improve ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guide Series

Texas A&M University chose Slipstream to partner on a two-year ASHRAE research project to optimize supply air temperature control for dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS). The goal of this project is to develop optimal control strategies for commercial building dedicated outdoor air systems. This will help utilities achieve their energy saving goals and help government and facility managers save energy - and costs.

The results will be used to inform ASHRAE’s Advanced Energy Design Guides Series. ASHRAE will also include the findings in the new ASHRAE Guideline 36 “High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems.”

The team will model energy performance of multiple DOAS for different climate zones and building types to discover the optimal control sequences. Slipstream will provide technical expertise on modeling approaches. The team will propose changes to ASHRAE Guideline 36 to incorporate the new control sequences.

Stay tuned for the final report once this research is completed.