Slipstream Launches Supply Chain Sustainability Tracking System

Wisconsin Manufacturer, Inpro, First to Onboard

Following its mission, to champion and deliver innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits for all, Slipstream developed a tool to support the tracking of sustainability efforts for businesses and their supply chain. Slipstream’s Sustainability Tracking System (STS) provides a customizable solution to assist businesses with sustainability planning and reporting.

Mary Woolsey Schlaefer, President and CEO of Slipstream explained, “We understand the immense environmental and economic impact of businesses building and using a Sustainable Supply Chain. The benefits often include a reduction in carbon footprint, energy, and resource consumption—which is good for both the environment and the bottom line.”

Inpro, a Wisconsin manufacturer on the frontier of sustainability, is the first to implement Slipstream’s Sustainability Tracking System. Inpro manufactures products that protect building interiors and the people who use them. Inpro rolled out the use of the STS System as a key component of their Supply Chain Sustainability Program. The STS System will enhance Inpro’s ability to engage suppliers, motivate them to take actions to operate more sustainably, track their environmental, and social performance data and report on supplier progress.

Amanda Goetsch, Sustainability Manager of Inpro explained, “Inpro Corporation continues to evolve along the sustainability spectrum; always learning more, sharing best practices, and hopefully raising the bar for sustainable business integration for the entire industry. After more than five years of benchmarking, project integration, successes, and learning from failures, we’re ready to more robustly engage our suppliers on sustainability.” Goetsch continued, “Slipstream’s Sustainability Tracking System allows us to more effectively educate and collaborate with suppliers resulting in mutual benefits—sustainability improves operations, quality and long-term financial health, and important aspects across supply chains.”

Mike Sekula, VP, Supply Chain and Global Safety of Inpro noted, “Sustainability in an organization is equally as important as quality, on-time performance, and a high-service level. Today these are not requirements, they are expectations. Sustainability reaches a different part of the business that will help the business continuously improve, provide cost-saving measures, and most importantly, provide lasting results that protect our environment and our people.” The STS improves a company’s environmental performance and delivers cost savings, while engaging stakeholders. It helps organizations to leverage their network of suppliers to amplify the benefits of sustainability.

About Slipstream 
Slipstream champions and delivers innovative energy initiatives that produce enduring economic and environmental benefits for all. For almost 40 years Slipstream has been a leader in designing and implementing energy efficiency and financing programs. In 2017, Slipstream’s team of experts helped save more than $65 million in energy costs and reduced 353,365 metric tons of COemissions. For more information about Slipstream, call 800.969.9322 or visit