National Grid Rhode Island chooses Slipstream to assess innovative emerging technologies

National Grid Rhode Island selected Slipstream to add innovation to their efficiency programs and increase their program savings potential by kilowatt hours and therms. Slipstream will assess three new emerging technologies. These include: 

  • Networked lighting controls. We will assess program strategies that promote integration of networked lighting control systems with other building systems (NLC+). NLC+ reduces lighting power and HVAC output in spaces that are not occupied which results in energy savings.
  • Comprehensive kitchen exhaust strategy. We will investigate kitchen exhaust strategies and develop a course of action for building owners to use. We plan to study demand controlled ventilation, electrostatic filtration, energy recovery, and the impact of behavior. 
  • Adsorbent air cleaning. We will study the energy savings of adsorbent air cleaning systems. Adsorbent air cleaning recycles indoor air for ventilation which minimizes the amount of outdoor air required for ventilation. 

Stay tuned for the final reports and additional information once this research is completed.