Level up your traditional lighting program


Is your commercial lighting program future proof?

Changes to federal standards for fluorescent lamps and increasingly stringent energy codes are likely to erode future savings from lighting replacement programs.

Market changes are forcing energy efficiency programs to look beyond efficacy-based, one-for-one replacement incentives. Through our research, we’ve found LED-lit spaces in commercial buildings are often over-lit, which leads to excess energy usage and dissatisfied occupants. By simply adjusting light levels you could increase LED retrofit savings by 20-30%.

Light level optimization is a strategy to forge deep engagement with customers and trade allies to advance superior energy performance.

What’s the solution for a cost-effective strategy to reduce energy consumption?

Task tuning enhances light levels in commercial buildings with dimmable LEDs and controls.

Simple paybacks of 1-3 years for all space types (except warehouse) can be achieved by returning to commercial retrofit sites and implementing task tuning. Average savings from task tuning is 0.66 kWh/sf in commercial buildings.

We wouldn’t design a program if we didn’t have the research to back it up. We’ve proven adjusting light levels can provide even more savings. We can provide strategies for incentives and contractor engagement, and education for customers and trade allies. Let us empower you to level up your lighting program.

Be a pioneer with us. You can be one of the first utilities to co-create a customized task tuning program that can make a huge difference to combat climate change and make occupants happy.

Get the facts.

Check out our latest blog detailing our Minnesota light level research where we discover how utilities can help push customers to implement more comprehensive lighting upgrades. Want to learn even more? Watch our webinar recording to learn the results of this market characterization study.

Take a look at our summary of findings from a past field study on task tuning in commercial buildings. And learn more about beginning a task tuning pilot program.

Also download our integrated controls implementation guide to successfully integrate networked lighting controls with HVAC and plug load controls in commercial and institutional buildings.