Andy Lick
Team | December 15, 2018
Curiosity has been a constant companion for Andy. From learning traditional sustainability practices from indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Andes, to transportation planning, to spending six years installing solar in the San Francisco Bay Area, to a double master’s degree centered on energy analysis and policy, and now to Seventhwave. He believes facts are dry without their possibilities and the promise that abundant energy balanced with wise use of technology keeps him focused on what hides in data. More
Blog | December 12, 2018
Source: Rodney.comThe last post left off with a real cliffhanger about which energy source has the most valid claim to be the coveted Rodney Dangerfield of energy. More
Blog | December 6, 2018
Rodney Dangerfield died almost 15 years ago but the legacy of “no respect” lives on in the minds of energy geeks looking to catch a headline. He may be best known for one-liners involving some form of “I don’t get no respect!” Proponents of different energy sources have used this tag line to relate to and ask the commons for more of what Rodney never got enough of for their favorite energy source. Why are proponents of energy sources eager for awareness by continuing to invoke this image? More
western states
Blog | October 5, 2018
In honor of Energy Efficiency Day today, Friday, Oct. 5, we reflect on the ways Wisconsin, the home of our headquarters, can learn from our more progressive western neighbors. Many states out west are decades ahead of Wisconsin in terms of energy efficiency and moving toward 100% clean electricity. Two of our experts had the opportunity to live and work in California and Colorado previously. Andy Lick, research analyst, resided in California for several years, and Brett Bridgeland, project manager, lived in Colorado. More