Simplify Your Energy Financing Programs with VelocityGO

The right tools can deliver outcome-driven finance solutions that advance clean energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy for all. VelocityGO streamlines the whole process of running an energy financing program, from the first customer application to the last utility impact report.

VelocityGO: A clean energy financing tool to simplify your programs

As a cloud-based loan origination system, VelocityGO simplifies the whole process of energy efficiency financing. For customers, the application and approval process is easy and transparent. For contractors, the real-time customer pipeline management and reporting functionality gives them control of their business. For clients, the system expands upon the contractor functionality and extensive reporting helps track progress toward goals and measure community impact.

Full functionality with a mobile-friendly design

Users can access the VelocityGO portal from anywhere – on any device – and use the full slate of features at their convenience. They can: 

  • Apply for energy loans with an intuitive interface
  • Get application approval in minutes via safe, secure income verification and data processing tools
  • Monitor the status of an application in real time after it's submitted
  • Quickly and easily sign documents
  • Determine program eligibility based on geographical regions via location tracking, if enabled

Simple and easy-to-use clean energy finance software

A name and email address are all it takes to start an application. VelocityGO walks the customer through each step of the process, tracks their progress, and lets them save midway to finish the application later. If they need to provide any documentation at all, the drag-and-drop interface makes uploading files simple and secure.

Increased visibility of applications in process for you and your contractors

Clients, contractors, and customers can all easily see the applications in their pipeline and track their status. VelocityGO's CRM dashboard gives your contractor network access to the high-level status of each customer application in progress so they can better support customers. It's also easier than ever to communicate with Slipstream’s EFS team directly within the portal, including managing program-specific approvals. VelocityGO allows you to easily access your own reports and track the success of your programs.

Learn more about VelocityGO

Slipstream’s EFS and VelocityGO are ready to support your clean energy financing goals. Contact us to find out more or to discuss how VelocityGO can work for you.

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