C-PACE Financing


Funding a sustainable future

As climate-action plans ramp up throughout the U.S., cities increasingly turn to C-PACE financing to achieve their energy goals. At Slipstream, we work with eligible municipalities to secure C-PACE financing and administer the programs that help drive us all toward a more sustainable future. 

What is C-PACE financing? 

Commercial property-assessed clean energy (C-PACE) financing provides low-cost, long-term loans for commercial property owners to install energy efficiency upgrades in both existing buildings and new construction projects—often with annual utility savings greater than the annual C-PACE payments. 

Slipstream works with multiple jurisdictions throughout the Midwest—from major metros to rural counties—to leverage C-PACE and accelerate climate action goals: 

  • In Wisconsin, where projects impact buildings in 47 different counties, C-PACE will hit $80 million in project funding in 2021. In 2020, PACE Wisconsin projects netted 7,800 metric tons of CO2 savings. 
  • The City of Milwaukee recently selected Slipstream as its partner to grow the climate and economic impact of their C-PACE program.  
  • In Illinois, Cook County represents one of the largest regional C-PACE footprints in the country.  

Benefits of C-PACE 

For local governments, C-PACE is a no-cost economic development tool to achieve climate action goals and re-invest in a building stock with cleaner, more sustainable buildings. For commercial property owners, it represents an opportunity to improve building value and performance with low-cost, long-term financing. For us at Slipstream, it’s a chance to use our expertise to lower the carbon footprint of commercial spaces—putting us closer to a clean energy future. 

How Slipstream Helps with C-PACE Financing 

Slipstream provides: 

  • Core C-PACE administrative services. We reduce the work of creating and implementing new programs, making for an easier transition for energy offices. 
  • Management of capital providers. We handle financing so public officials and developers can focus on putting the dollars to use. 
  • Training and qualification of contractors. We make sure projects can be completed professionally and efficiently. 
  • Marketing of C-PACE programs and opportunities. We turn state, county, and city C-PACE commitments into real, transformative programs. 


For more information on C-PACE, contact Market Development Director - PACE Kim Johnston