BIT Building Neighborhood Project

Ready to make your buildings healthier and more energy-efficient while supporting workforce development within your community?

The BIT Building Neighborhood Project is a unique building performance improvement pilot that provides participants with assistance implementing sustainable best practices through a training and workforce development initiative.

The BIT Aide Pilot

BIT Aides trained to participate in this project will deploy in select communities to assist building owners and operators of income eligible properties on resource-saving strategies.

How does it work?

BIT Building is based on the 16 Best Practices for resource savings and optimization. Trained BIT Aides will work with participants to monitor and benchmark building operations, evaluate potential improvements and assist in implementing a continuous improvement plan.

What is the cost?

This is a free offer made possible by the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program.

Additional impacts

By enrolling, participants can improve their building performance and operations. Our BIT Aides also help provide individuals with career-enhancing facilities maintenance and energy management skills.

Building and community benefits

BIT Building empowers facility staff to improve building performance, while generating community-wide benefits.

  • Achieve persistent resource efficiency gains in energy, water and waste.
  • Gain access to experts to support improvement measures and connect to utility program incentives.
  • Reduce operating costs and increase ROI.
  • Unite community projects and workforce development initiatives to advance energy-efficient building operations.
  • Leverage BIT Aides to establish partnerships between buildings and the community.