Your customers are looking for ways to save energy and money. At Slipstream, we offer ready-made solutions for you to promote efficiency, affordability, comfort, durability, safety, and economic and environmental impact. All things that make a home or commercial space a better place to live and work.

How do we make it all possible? For 40 years, we have been forward-thinking, anticipating industry trends and designing energy efficiency programs to drive action—making it easy and practical for you to make it easy for your customers to save both energy and money.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with residential or commercial program design or implementation, energy efficiency financing, or training field staff on the latest building science practices, Slipstream has the proven expertise to meet your needs. As a leading designer and implementer of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and financing programs, we are dedicated to the creation of an energy-efficient future.


Slipstream has been delivering residential energy efficiency solutions since 1980.
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The energy savings potential in the commercial and industrial sector is enormous.
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Financing for a low-carbon future

Since 1995, we have partnered with hundreds of utilities, government agencies, financial institutions and contractors to offer programs that make energy efficiency affordable.
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Are you struggling with marketing your energy efficiency programs due to lack of in-house resources?

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Make an impact with defensible data.
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Education + Training

Our vibrant training portfolio integrates hands-on problem solving and discussion to inspire and educate.
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