How can we make our building systems work together to interact effectively with the grid? We discover how commercial buildings can become better grid citizens.

Peak demand patterns are changing and stressing the grid in new ways. What if our buildings could mitigate grid stress during peak demand?

Connected lighting. Automated shades. Intelligent energy storage. Slipstream is analyzing how, when these systems work together, we can achieve maximum flexible load for the grid. We will design and implement the integrated systems on two real buildings. We’ll find out how these systems work for the grid and for people.

Our results will inform building owners and utilities of maximum flexible load capacity. A successful pilot project can serve as a model for future grid-interactive efficient building projects on a larger scale.

This project is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s investment in new technologies that can enable superior building energy performance without disrupting occupant comfort, and can be deployed quickly, affordably, with minimal onsite construction.

The final report is expected in June 2023.