Great Lakes Energy Manufactured Home Replacement Research Report

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Federal regulation of the manufactured home industry started in 1976 with introduction of the HUD code, which provided construction standards related to durability, transportability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency. A major update was made to the code in 1994. But the HUD code has not kept pace with progressive tightening of local energy codes that govern site-built housing. In 2022 the HUD proposed updates to the HUD code to make some energy related improvements for multi-section homes but not for single section homes. Older manufactured homes can be difficult to weatherize, and in some situations, it may be more economical and better for the residents’ health, to replace the home rather than try to repair it.

Great Lakes Energy (GLE) is interested in exploring a manufactured home replacement program. This report shares the results from a literature review, as well as interviews with various manufactured home and housing stakeholders. It will explore the opportunities and challenges for GLE to consider with the implementation of a manufactured home replacement program.