As COVID-19 rapidly affects daily life and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and our community, Slipstream is postponing in-person events. We wish all our clients the best of health and safety during this time.

Please join us for our live online events. Also browse our archive of past events, or learn anytime, anywhere with our on-demand webinars and videos.


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Assessing and testing high efficiency residential boilers

August 10  •  Online course
Available credits: RESNET
Join us for an engaging discussion on how to maximize system efficiency of boiler systems, including strategies for more effective assessments and inspections. By learning what it takes to ensure proper assessment and installation, we can meet specifications while improving customer satisfaction and comfort.  Information about the Fireside Chat will be posted soon. This is the fourth of six sessions for the all-virtual 2021 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference.  Credits are only available for the technical session, not the fireside chat.
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Smart(er) thermostats PLUS a bonus: HVAC service via Bluetooth & the Internet

August 31  •  Online course
Available credits: BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET, WI-DSPS, Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification, UDC-HVAC Inspector Certification
For most people, the smart thermostat is the entry point for home automation. It’s easier than ever to connect your home’s heating and cooling systems to the Internet, allowing homeowners to control their HVAC from nearly anywhere on the planet. But an often-overlooked feature of smart thermostats is their ability to control and optimize themselves, a technology that can lead to valuable energy savings. In your work, are you enabling these features for your clients—or shutting them all off to make the thermostat act like traditional “dumb” controls?
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Electric Vehicles 101

September 22  •  Online course
Electric Vehicles (EVs) provide a new opportunity for cleaner and more efficient transportation. Current surveys show that about 30% of Americans would consider an EV as their next vehicle, inspiring auto manufacturers to bring new and more varied EV models to the market. This presentation dives into the basics of the shift to electric EVs, covering the technology itself, the models available in the US, and a look at how real people use and charge their EVs, followed by an attendee Q&A. Who should view this webinar? Anyone interested in EV (homeowners, dealers, companies wanting to convert their fleet, etc.).