Advancements in air source heat pump technology

Wednesday, September 7, 2022


There are a lot of myths about heat pumps and if they can effectively heat homes in a cold Midwestern winter. It turns out, they can! In this webinar, our experts will provide an overview of the current air source heat pump (ASHP) market and real learnings that you can integrate into your business right away. We will explore the technology improvements that allow ASHPs to perform better in cold climates. Our researchers and real-world contractors will cover a wide variety of installation opportunities for both ducted dual fuel heat pumps and mini splits to help prepare your business for the future. Not only will you learn the best uses for each type of heat pump, you will also learn the best way to install them in each situation.  

Note: Attendees should have a general understanding of existing HVAC systems or residential and light commercial construction. 

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  • Identify the different types of ASHPs best for residential applications 
  • Recognize the opportunities where each type of ASHP provides the best solution 
  • Define and determine the potential balance points for each type of heat pump 
  • Explain the Focus on Energy incentives for heat pumps 

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