Doug Ahl

Doug Ahl

Principal, Tribal Partner Innovation

Doug is driven by Slipstream’s mission. His team measures Slipstream's mission impact in four areas: innovation, environment, social equity, and economic. “Understanding our actual impact guides the strategic direction of our business,” says Doug. 

You can find Doug helping Slipstream clients with problems, mentoring his staff, and developing new strategies and direction for research at Slipstream. 

Doug brings two decades of extensive energy and environmental monitoring experience to Slipstream. He has quantified potential impacts of climate warming on carbon sequestration and biomass growth, simulated ecosystem processes related to water, energy, and carbon flows, and developed and tested analytic solutions for energy portfolio management. Before joining Slipstream, Doug led cooperative projects between NASA and private industry aimed at developing remote sensing and geospatial technologies. 

Fun Facts
Worst job: Car sales at a Honda dealer

Top travel destination: New Orleans, LA 

Best snack to bribe me with: A pint of Ben and Jerry's

Perfect day: Anything with my family, disconnected