Submeters and power monitoring

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What are submeters, exactly, and why should they be in your building? Join us to understand the best applications and benefits of submetering and power management systems. This webinar will offer some solutions for common issues with submeters, such as purchasing barriers, and provide an opportunity to hear from customers who have installed submeters in their own buildings effectively. We will also review common electrical loads in which submetering is useful, as well as the advantages of investing in a power monitoring system.

You will learn why submetering is necessary and what to consider before purchasing a system. We'll cover topics such as purchasing options, the benefits of different system types, and the level of data management needed to make the most of the systems' information. Among other use cases, you'll learn how analyzing submetering data can help identify facility inefficiencies.

As a result of this webinar you will be able to:

  1. Match important features of submetering options with common applications
  2. Identify the planning that goes into purchasing a submetering system
  3. Discuss results of successful submetering installations in terms of savings and system performance
  4. Recognize strategies for making the most of a submetering system

Who should view this webinar?

Facility managers and engineers, operations and maintenance personnel, energy efficiency specialists, building engineering consultants, manufacturer representatives, utility program managers and account representatives, control system technicians, and anyone interested in learning more about submetering and power monitoring systems.


  • Submetering hardware options
  • Customer case study - Waupaca Foundry
  • Analyzing the data - Energy savings and operational performance
  • Planning for a submetering system

About the presenters

Kate Brebrick

Kate Brebrick

Kate is an Energy Engineer at Kinergetics, LLC (2017 to present) and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Kinergetics provides detailed energy investigations for power and thermal energy use reductions as well as design, engineering, and debottlenecking. Kinergetics has extensive experience with process cooling, refrigeration, and cooling towers, including efficiency selecting, field testing, and design and verification of performance requirements.

Kira Schmidt

Kira Schmidt

Kira Schmidt is a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional and LEED AP working in the utility submetering and third-party utility billing sector with Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. in a sales capacity as the Central Region M&V Regional Sales Specialist. Kira’s focus is on the promotion and selling efforts of the full suite of Leviton Metering Equipment, Data Acquisition Platforms, and Cloud based Software Solutions working directly with Specifiers, Contractors, and End Users focused on cost recovery, energy analysis, energy conservation, and code related metering initiatives.


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