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U.S. DOE: PV Valuation: How Solar PV Adds Value to Your Assets

February 1

Rooftop solar is a common renewable energy strategy, but owners and operators are now exploring potential financial benefits to the value of commercial and industrial properties. Learn from several building owners and managers on how they made the business case for solar PV and found increased asset value during appraisal or at the time of sale. This webinar will highlight multiple building types and financial models for solar PV.

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U.S. DOE: Shelter from the Storm: Powering Community Resilience Hubs

February 15

Community resilience hubs are locally identified and community-serving facilities that provide residents year-round access to support resources. During extreme weather, they can reduce the burden on emergency response teams by supplying power before, during, and after grid outages through onsite energy systems. Learn from Better Buildings partners who have successfully identified buildings and leveraged energy efficiency, distributed generation, and storage resources to ensure critical community facilities are online when they are needed most.

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U.S. DOE: Work Smarter, Not Harder: Creative Project and Process Implementation

March 1

Learn about Better Plants partners’ fun and innovative systems for choosing and executing processes and engaging employees on energy efficiency and sustainability. This webinar will also explore a new “Implementation Toolkit,” which includes a variety of templates and tools for helping organizations implement new projects and processes.

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U.S. DOE: Commercial & Industrial Solar: State of the Market and Solar Lease Best Practices

March 15

Join industry experts and practitioners in learning more about the state of solar in the commercial and industrial (C&I) market. We will share solar lease practices that ensure both building owner and system owner get the biggest bang for their buck and optimize roof space for solar potential. Speakers will also touch on Community Solar and how this strategy can be scaled to accommodate large commercial and industrial portfolios.

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U.S. DOE: Low Carbon Technologies: Strategies for Different Building Types

April 5
It is possible for most building types to get to zero carbon emissions using technologies already available on the market today. Join this webinar to learn about the strategies some owners are already using – and those you could be using – to get buildings to low- and no-carbon.