As COVID-19 rapidly affects daily life and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and our community, Slipstream is postponing in-person events. We wish all our clients the best of health and safety during this time.

Please join us for live online events listed below, browse our archive of past events, or learn anytime, anywhere with our on-demand webinars and videos.

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Collaborative energy planning: how small municipalities can benefit from working together

June 18  •  Online course
View a free webinar recapping how seven communities in Dane County came together to leverage their resources and collaborate on energy plans.
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Adsorbent air cleaning: A new way to think about ventilation

June 22  •  Online course
Available credits: AIA, GBCI, WI PE
In commercial HVAC systems, one of the biggest challenges is managing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air. A common solution is to use a large amount of outdoor air for ventilation—a method that uses a lot of energy in order to heat and cool the outdoor air. Adsorbent air cleaning is an emerging technology that filters VOCs directly from the indoor air, making it a promising way to achieve indoor air quality while saving energy. 
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Commercial building electrification: Accelerating decarbonization in cold climates

June 23  •  Online course
Available credits: BOC, BOMI, WI PE
The transition to an electrified building sector is already underway. Despite a few remaining barriers, current technology makes it possible to decarbonize virtually all the energy demands from buildings. While much of the attention focuses on electrification of the transportation and residential building sectors, industry trends have opened the window of opportunity for electrifying commercial buildings—including cold climates.
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Smart(er) thermostats PLUS a bonus: HVAC service via Bluetooth & the Internet

August 31  •  Online course
For most people, the smart thermostat is the entry point for home automation. It’s easier than ever to connect your home’s heating and cooling systems to the Internet, allowing homeowners to control their HVAC from nearly anywhere on the planet. But an often-overlooked feature of smart thermostats is their ability to control and optimize themselves, a technology that can lead to valuable energy savings. In your work, are you enabling these features for your clients—or shutting them all off to make the thermostat act like traditional “dumb” controls?

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Wisconsin Association of Energy Engineers: Wisconsin Energy Efficiency Expo 2021

October 27

30 exhibitors showcasing their latest energy efficient products, services and technologies with over 16 in-depth presentations on energy efficiency, sustainability, case studies and economic opportunities in energy conservation, environmental responsibility and your bottom line.