As COVID-19 rapidly affects daily life and to ensure the health and safety of our employees, clients and our community, Slipstream is postponing in-person events. We wish all our clients the best of health and safety during this time.

Please join us for live online events listed below, browse our archive of past events, or learn anytime, anywhere with our on-demand webinars and videos.

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Offsite construction from the ground up

April 29  •  Online course
Available credits: BPI, NAHB, NARI, RESNET
Jon Golz (Enercept SIPs) lays out what you need to know about offsite construction, including how panelized and modular practices fit in with current market conditions. In the Fireside Chat, we'll continue the discussion with builders who use offsite construction to achieve high-performance buildings while meeting energy efficiency goals. This is the second of six sessions for the all-virtual 2021 Better Buildings: Better Business Conference.  Credits are only available for the technical session, not the fireside chat.
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Submeters and power monitoring

May 4  •  Online course
Available credits: BOC, BOMI, WI PE
Join us to understand the best applications and benefits of submetering and power management systems.
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Heat Pump Clothes Dryers — Minnesota Field and Consumer Research Findings

May 6  •  Online course
Clothes dryers are a significant component of residential electricity use. Spurred by the emerging availability of heat pump clothes dryers in U.S. markets and their common use in Europe, we examined the potential for adding these high-efficiency dryers to utility program portfolios. This webinar will present the results of field and consumer research conducted in Minnesota over the last several years. We’ll look at the energy and non-energy co-benefits of full-size hybrid heat pump clothes dryers in single family homes, users’ experience with the dryers, and the potential application of ventless heat pump dryers in multifamily new construction.

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Focus on Energy: Refrigeration Energy Efficiency

April 22

As a refrigeration system owner, you may be struggling to balance your capital investment with operating and maintenance costs, food quality, safety, and environmental goals. Register for this webinar to learn about advanced refrigeration systems such as secondary, cascade, and transcritical CO2 which significantly reduce refrigerant use. Suppliers are claiming high energy savings from refrigerant oil additives, black box controllers, and thermal mass thermometers. We tell you which ones deliver on that promise. You will also learn how electronic expansion valves and floating head pressure control can save you money.

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Focus on Energy: Save Energy Dollars with Heat Recovery

May 6

All equipment that uses electric, motor-driven compressors or gas burners produces a lot of waste heat. Many commercial and industrial facilities waste an extraordinary amount of heat up the stack. This webinar will help you understand how much waste heat is available and how to capture it for useful purposes. We will discuss waste heat generated by refrigeration, HVAC, air compressors, process heating, and boilers. The solutions we will explore include superheat condensers, heat/energy recovery ventilators/wheels, heat of compression dryers, industrial heat pumps, absorption chillers, and boiler economizers/recuperators. Heat recovery case studies will also be discussed.

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Focus on Energy: Energy Management & Technology: Fundamentals & Beyond

May 18 - May 19

The goal of this course is to provide the student with a clear understanding of energy terminology, supply and trend costs, and how to effectively read and analyze utility bills. The course continues with an overview of why energy management programs are a critical element in cost reduction and profitability initiatives within an organization.

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Focus on Energy: Fueling Innovation: Gas Technology Institute New Developments

May 20

The Gas Technology Institute is driving innovation in natural gas applications and improving the efficiency of end-use appliances – and they’re sharing the latest and greatest advancements with you! Find out how these gas technologies have been commercialized. Learn about GTI's advances in baking ovens, warewashers, CNG compressors, gas-fired heat pumps and more.

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Focus on Energy: Get More Boiler for Your Buck with Controls

June 3

If you want to maximize the benefits from upgraded burners and heat exchangers, you need high-performance boiler controls. Join us for a new webinar on all things boiler controls. We’ll review different controls platforms, three ways to control multiple boilers and the latest controls trends (like remote connectivity). Plus, we’ll examine a typical boiler control panel, the gas train and different ways to meter gas flow. And you’ll learn the eight essential questions to ask before for selecting linkageless controls.