Executive Highlights
  • Consults with domestic and multi-national corporations on circular economy business models, carbon tracking and climate strategy, locally invested carbon offset development, and curriculum and staff training. 
  • Served on three think-tank projects for the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group which focused on rural wealth and livelihood development and collapse scenarios and impact on the poor.  
  • Served on a wide variety of civic and governmental organizations (appointed and elected) and worked as an offset project program manager for the National Indian Carbon Coalition. 

Kelly Cain

St. Croix Institute

For 28 years, Kelly was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) as a professor in environmental science and management / land use planning, teaching a wide variety of graduate and undergraduate sustainability courses around sustainability disciplines.  

Kelly served as director of campus sustainability and as co-founder/director of the St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development (SCISCD) for the last seven years of his tenure there. 

Two notable projects emerged from his work at SCISCD: 

  • The only campus ‘carbon negative’ climate action plan in the country. 
  • The conceptual design and anchor partner for the St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity EcoVillage, which has won several national awards. 

In 2014, Kelly led the SCISCD into the private sector, spinning off LICO2e (GBC) doing business as ‘Locally Invested Carbon Offsets’ as a public benefit corporation in 2016. He has extensive experience in the planning, design, and application of sustainability-based models for small, medium, and large-scale businesses, communities, university campuses, and government agencies (tribal and non-tribal).