Midwest Clean Heat Infrastructure Accelerator

Clean heat infrastructure is a service that provides a campus, community, or group of buildings with a combination of non-combustion heating, cooling, and/or domestic hot water. Several advancements have been made in these areas providing an opportunity to support decarbonization both new and existing campuses and communities.

Networked geothermal systems

A primary approach to clean heat infrastructure is the use of geothermal exchange serving either distributed heat pumps or a centralized hydronic plant. Several examples of both geothermal heat pumps and central district plants are in place across the Midwest driven by the need for cost-effective large-scale heating and cooling systems. The number of new or retrofit networked geothermal systems is growing with potential to serve as a key solution to remove combustion from our heating systems.

The following map provides an overview of both district geothermal systems across the Midwest and existing district based central heating plants mapping the potential for future upgrade.


News and events

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