Event | March 2, 2020
Customers First Coalition will host a lunch, networking, and speakers that will get us thinking about policies to lay the foundation for decarbonizing buildings, including electrification and energy efficiency. Marge Anderson, Slipstream executive vice president, will keynote. More
Event | February 19, 2020
Slipstream will be taking over this conference. Saranya Gunasingh will present "Throwback to savings: Evaluating persistence in energy savings from retro-commissioning programs." Scott Hackel will present "Lighting controls: not just for lighting anymore!" and Joe Zhou will present "Smart Buildings Meet Smart Grid - ASHRAE Smart Grid Application Guide for Building Professionals." Scott Schuetter will present on Luminaire Lighting Controls and Drew Morrison will present "Adsorbent Air Cleaning Systems: A New Direction Toward High Quality Indoor Air." More
Event | February 19, 2020
Karen Weigert is moderating the public program titled "The green new city: what's the deal?" with Mark Chambers, director, mayor's office of sustainability, and Lauren Faber O'Connor, chief sustainability officer for city of Los Angeles. More
Event | February 19, 2020
Slipstream will attend this conference devoted to industry experts, state and federal leaders, and advocates about how your home, town, and business can benefit from clean energy. We will join conversations about how we can move together toward a clean energy economy and future that works for everyone. More
Event | February 14, 2020
This is an inset workshop featured at Nelson Institute's Earth Day Conference.  More
Event | February 13, 2020
The U.S. Green Building Council’s IMPACT conference is the Midwest’s green building event of the year, attracting hundreds of green building professionals from across the region, and serving as a forum for builders, developers, sustainability leaders and changemakers to unite and demonstrate the many innovative ways the Midwest is raising the bar when it comes to green building. More
Event | December 12, 2019
Greg Nahn will present on "Beneficial Electrification: advancing technologies, efficiency, and comfort for the future with ASHP." More
Event | December 12, 2019
This event is designed by and for practitioners in the fields of high-performance building and design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Connor Jansen will be presenting on "A Case Study Comparison:  Monitoring Energy Performance and Indoor Air Quality between PHIUS+ and Energy Star® Multifamily Properties." More
Event | December 11, 2019
The latest in building science and technical information; strategies for improving your organization’s operations; the latest updates on certifications; key updates on policy and new technologies. Slipstream will be exhibiting. More
Event | November 7, 2019
This dynamic one-day event will explore how energy efficiency and clean energy are increasing rural prosperity. More