STS SoftwareSlipstream developed the Sustainability Tracking System (STS) as an implementation tool that effectively addresses the business requirements for a sustainable supply chain. The STS is a configurable, subscription-based SaaS strategy that enables companies to integrate their internal sustainability goals into their dynamic and far-reaching networks of diverse suppliers.

How does the STS work?

  1. Your company collaborates with Slipstream to configure the STS to incorporate your sustainability values, communications, and priorities.
  2. The STS surveys your suppliers to assess the baseline environmental performance of your supply chain.
  3. The STS creates a roadmap for each supplier to start, or enhance, a continuous-improvement based sustainability program within its operations.
  4. Suppliers use the STS to access a wealth of online resources to support their sustainability projects.
  5. Suppliers document their achievements and report their ongoing environmental performance data through the STS.
  6. Your company recognizes suppliers who advance along their sustainability roadmaps.
  7. Your company uses the STS to report internally and externally on its progress in creating a more sustainable supply chain.

Slipstream's software offers a way to educate, collaborate, and survey suppliers on sustainability criteria. This software allows the Lead Company to set a common sustainability vision throughout their supply chain. I look forward to seeing how STS evolves and how we can potentially integrate the platform into Inpro’s growing supply chain sustainability commitment.


Sustainability Manager, Inpro

Key features of the STS

For your company

  • Centralized data management tools replace cumbersome and error-prone spreadsheet-based tracking of supplier sustainability metrics.
  • Comprehensive reporting offers valuable insights into both environmental performance and sustainability engagement throughout your supplier network.
  • Supplier drill-down tool offers valuable insights to guide management of suppliers.
  • Customizable online platform communicates sustainability values, policy, and expectations to suppliers.

For suppliers

  • Single point of data entry reduces staff time required to respond to data requests from multiple customers.
  • Continuous improvement orientation provides guidance and motivation in developing and implementing a sustainability plan.
  • Online resources enhance understanding of sustainability issues, context, and tools.

Slipstream's STS is an essential tool in implementing your company’s sustainable supply chain program.