Existing homes—especially those built before 1990—offer great potential for energy savings. However, not all residents are aware of the many opportunities to increase the efficiency and comfort of their homes, nor do they believe they can afford to make most upgrades. Slipstream designs programs that target existing homeowners, increase participation in your programs, integrate financing options, and reduce your customers’ energy use.

Not all whole-house programs are built the same. Some start with a whole-house evaluation and end with a post-audit to confirm proper installation of energy-saving measures. Some include direct installation of energy-saving products, like a smart thermostat, with the whole-house evaluation. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive whole-house retrofit program targeting specific housing types like manufactured homes, installation of specific measures like heat pumps, or one that follows ENERGY STAR® guidelines, Slipstream has solutions that fit your regulatory environment or community needs.

Our team has the experience and connections to determine and implement the appropriate mix of offerings, levels of incentives, and motivators to drive program participation for any type of existing home program. We have the right people to generate comprehensive reports and discuss recommended energy efficiency improvements with homeowners, expert trainers who can teach local field staff about effectively communicating the benefits of home improvements, and a network of trade allies and contractors prepared to assist customers with selecting and installing qualified measures. Additionally, our award-winning marketing, fulfillment, and call center teams play key roles in delivering successful and cost-effective programs for our clients.

In addition, Slipstream offers financing options through Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) to help make home improvements affordable and possible for homeowners unable to afford upfront project costs. Every step of the way, we make sure your customers understand the value of energy efficiency and how it leads to the improved comfort, efficiency, and reliability of their home.