Making a manufactured home more energy efficient is a powerful way to help limited-income residents pay their utility bills and increase utility customer satisfaction. However, owners cannot typically afford to make energy efficiency improvements on their own. Through Slipstream's Manufactured Homes Energy Efficiency Program, you can address an underserved market, address customer bill repayment issues, and realize more energy savings.

What is a manufactured home?

  • Built in a factory, in accordance with HUD code, and transported to installation site
  • Traditionally known as mobile homes

Who lives in manufactured homes?


  • Most residents are low-to-moderate income, with many retired or living on a fixed income
  • 22% have incomes at or below federal poverty level
  • Residents have lower incomes than those in site-built homes, with a median household income of $30,000

How are manufactured homes different?

Although manufactured homes tend to be smaller in size and cost less upfront than site-built homes, energy costs are typically twice as expensive due to inefficient construction choices and outdated code requirements.


Slipstream’s Manufactured Homes Energy Efficiency Direct Install Program

By making energy efficiency improvements to existing manufactured homes, Slipstream's program helps your customers reduce their electricity and gas consumption. A program that benefits your customers—and you.

This program is an excellent way to:

  • Meet your energy savings targets
  • Reduce customer service time and expenses spent on arrears management and billing complaints
  • Drive economic development through local contractors
  • Help low-to-moderate and fixed-income customers pay bills

A proven way to cut energy costs

Slipstream recently developed and tested the Manufactured Homes Energy Efficiency Program in multiple locations in the Upper Midwest. Top quality energy-saving upgrades included:

  • Lighting upgrades
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Water heater pipe wrap
  • Duct sealing
  • Air sealing
  • ECM replacement

Work with Slipstream and get the benefits of:

  • A proven program design and implementation process for maximum energy savings
  • A customized, multi-channel marketing program
  • Quick program launch capability, with easy program sign-up and customer administration
  • Partner screening, training, and ongoing management
  • Comprehensive, customized monthly reports

Slipstream’s Whole Home Retrofit with Financing Program

Slipstream's Whole Home Retrofit with Financing Program offers residents the comprehensive services, support, and financing needed to identify and implement deep, whole-house, energy efficient retrofits to increase their comfort, health, and safety.

Unique Challenges

  • Identifying customers who would benefit. 
  • Delivering measures and skilled contractors to address the unique attributes of this housing stock.
  • Customers obtaining funding to pay for whole-house retrofits (such as heat pumps, HVAC replacement, and insulation).

Slipstream’s Solution

Slipstream offers a full-service program to address these challenges and create powerful outcomes, providing:

  • Community-based marketing, education, and outreach (ME&O) strategy
  • Prospect identification and screening
  • Energy evaluations and modeling
  • Contractor training and management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Financing services and capital solutions

Energy Evaluation and Measures

  • Manufactured homes with certain housing characteristics are targeted to maximize energy savings and optimize cost-effectiveness.
  • Each manufactured home receives a complete energy evaluation from a Building Performance Institute (BPI)- certified energy evaluator.
  • Program participants are guided through the program to complete retrofit recommendation. 


Project financing is critical to helping manufactured homeowners make energy improvements, as many residents need financing assistance for these improvements. Slipstream's Energy Finance Solutions (EFS) division manages the loan origination process from initial application through loan closing, including automated underwriting instant eligibility decision, online loan application processing, comprehensive documentation, and funding of contractors with 48 hours of work completion and verification. Whether 50 or 5,000 loans per year, EFS can successfully scale a program and is proficient with banking, security, and loan processing requirements.

Available Funding Support

Low-risk, zero percent cost funds are available from the USDA Rural Energy Savings Program (RESP) to help members implement energy efficiency measures. Funds are awarded for a 20-year period at zero percent interest, and can be loaned out at up to a three percent interest rate. To begin this process RESP only requires a two-page Letter of Intent, with which Slipstream can assist.

A Program That Benefits All

Member participant benefits include:

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Improved home comfort, health, and safety
  • Manageable loan repayments with low interest rates
  • More disposable income to meet other needs in the local community
  • Ability to continue home occupancy
  • Tenant or rental owner participation

Benefits to cooperatives and local communities:

  • Reduction in system costs, peak demand, billing arrearages, and debt collection
  • Fuel switching propane, oil, and other energy heating sources to efficient electric heat pumps supports increased revenue
  • USDA RESP low-cost and revolving funds for financing and program setup
  • Generate goodwill with program participants and other members
  • Increased local economic development activity for local contractors and businesses
  • Maintain livable and affordable housing for lower to moderate-income residents