Slipstream knows homes. After all, our foundation was built upon our specialty of weatherizing homes. Since 1980, we have been delivering programs that save homeowners energy and money—pioneering solutions in home performance, new construction, lighting and retail programs, and more. We understand the needs of our clients and what drives consumers to adopt efficient products—making us the best choice for designing and implementing effective residential energy efficiency programs that will help you meet your savings goals.

Whether you want to engage existing homeowners, those planning to build a new home, or are targeting income-qualified customers, Slipstream has you covered. We can implement a straightforward and already-tested program or design a custom approach to meet your residential energy savings goals. Our in-house experts have certified more than 31,000 new homes, have numerous industry accreditations, and have been recognized across the country as being the best of the best. We have established networks across the builder and contractor industries, partnerships with weatherization and community assistance agencies, and our master agreements with energy efficient equipment manufacturers, distributors, and retailers allow us to implement your prescriptive programs quickly and efficiently.

With Slipstream on your team, your customers will start reaping the benefits of energy efficiency right from the start. Don’t wait. Let Slipstream design and deliver programs that will save your residential customers energy and money—leading to a successful and cost-effective energy efficiency program portfolio.

Prescriptive Programs

We have the experience, industry relationships, and marketing savvy to transform the marketplace.
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Whole House Retrofit

Existing homes—especially those built before 1990—offer great potential for energy savings.
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Many homeowners don’t know where to begin when it comes to saving energy—providing a package of energy-saving products gets them started.
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Direct Install

Many homeowners have not yet made the switch to energy efficient lighting, appliances, or other products.
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Manufactured Homes

Address an underserved market, address customer bill repayment issues, and realize more energy savings.
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