Home heating and cooling equipment accounts for nearly half of an average home’s energy usage. Slipstreams’s prescriptive HVAC programs encourage homeowners to choose energy-saving options when considering new equipment such as smart thermostats, water heaters, furnaces, and boilers.

Slipstream has trusted networks and working relationships with the key influencers driving consumer HVAC decisions: the contractors visiting the home. To drive program participation, Slipstream keeps these HVAC contractors engaged and up-to-speed on program activities through regular communications and in-person visits if needed. Our contractor network, combined with consumer education, financial incentives on high-quality HVAC products, simple-to-use rebate application, and electronic rebate submission options, all make our prescriptive HVAC programs successful.

From recruiting and engaging a contractor network to rebate fulfillment, Slipstream’s residential prescriptive HVAC programs achieve high participation and energy savings with Slipstream’s residential programs.